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DIY Home Baked Liver Treats for your Dog

Oven-Baked Homemade Liver Dog Treats

Ok ok, so homemade liver treats aren’t exactly easy on the eye…but luckily your pup doesn’t care much for aesthetics! Not only are beef liver treats an absolute hit with dogs (winning you dog mum brownie points) but they’re also rich in nutrients and protein, making them a healthy snack option too!  Not used to […]

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Healthy Homemade Dog Treats - The Ultimate Dog Treat Recipe Book - Over 70 Recipes

Healthy Homemade Dog Treats - Out Now!

Pretty Fluffy’s first ever hard cover book, Healthy Homemade Dog Treats is available today! If I can say so myself these are my best recipes yet. Healthy Homemade Dog Treats is filled with easy, everyday recipes for go-to pet treats you’ll actually be bothered to make (and find yourself using over and over again). These nutritious, […]

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Easter treats for dogs: 12 recipes that your dog will love! These homemade dog treats are healthy, yummy and super easy to make. Grab the free recipes here

Easter Treats for Dogs: 12 of the Best Recipes

Every-bunny (see what I did there?) loves an Easter treat, so why should our favourite furry friends be left out? We’ve rounded up 12 of our go-to recipes for Easter treats for dogs – all canine safe, easy to make at home and guaranteed pupper approved. Enjoy! Easter Treats for Dogs: 12 of the Best […]

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Frozen strawberry and coconut oil dog treats - just 2 ingredients! Your dog will love these yummy treats and the recipe is SO EASY you'll love making them.

Frozen Strawberry & Coconut Oil Dog Treats

We love easy dog treat recipes here at Pretty Fluffy, and boy are these coconut oil dog treats easy. There are just two ingredients! Plus, they are really pretty and super healthy, so bonus points there. If you haven’t heard already, coconut oil is the bomb when it comes to health benefits for dogs (and humans!). […]

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20 Grain Free Dog Treat Recipes Your Dog Will Love

You asked and we found them! 20 grain free dog treat recipes that your pup is going to love! Here at Pretty Fluffy we love a healthy homemade dog treat recipe, but we know lots of our furry friends can be sensitive to grains. So we’ve rounded up our favourite grain free recipes all in one handy […]

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The original & best christmas dog treats recipe for dog friendly 'chocolate' bark. Includes free tutorial, photos and how-to make the perfect holiday treat!

Christmas Dog Treats: Dog Friendly Chocolate Bark

When you think Christmas dog treats, you can’t go past the original and the best homemade candy bark. Made with all dog friendly ingredients (not a candy cane of piece of chocolate in sight!), these babies look SO good – they’ll have you munching on them before to long. Just remember to share with your […]

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Pink Banana & Beetroot Dog Treat Recipe

These might be the prettiest and most vibrant treats we’ve made yet. I wanted to incorporate beets into Coco Bean’s diet since they are so nutrient dense and healthy. Plus, hellooo pretty shades of pink! So I started experimenting with flavors that paired well with beets when I was making smoothies for my husband and […]

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3 Ingredient Fruity Frozen Dog Treats Recipe

When the weather gets warmer, these ‘Tropical Punch’ frozen dog treats will have your pup howling for more! Super easy to make – with only 3 ingredients! – they’re yummy, healthy and guaranteed to be a hit on a hot summer’s day. YOU’LL NEED: 250ml Coconut Milk (100% Organic) 1/2 Pineapple 1 Mango Ice Cube […]

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2 Ingredient Dog Treats

It’s no secret, we love healthy homemade (and EASY) dog treats here at Pretty Fluffy. These little gems are nothing short of amazing. With only two ingredients, they are as healthy as they come and taste oddly similar to black bean chips. I can promise you your dog is going to love these treats, Coco […]

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