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The 13 Project - Join Me!

Is it just me, or as someone who cares about animals, do you get a little overwhelmed with all of the groups, causes and individuals out there that need your help? I sometimes get so overwhelmed I start to feel like things are completely hopeless. Some days it seems for every photo I see of […]

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Chic Sprinkles Studio: His + Hers + Coco's

It’s finally ready to reveal, hooray! Welcome to our little office, I’m so happy to have you lovelies as our first guests. I had so many ideas when I was planning our new space, but there were two main things that I wanted to focus on. 1. It had to be cheerful and reflect both […]

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Smitten Shots: What you missed in... July!

Another month passes us by… and another round of fabulous photos and posts are ready to be shared. Here are the beautiful, the inspiring, the cute, and the all round amazing posts making me smile this month… 1. THIS GREEN BEARD (& EASY DIY RECIPE!) 2. WORDS OF WISDOM 3. NO BAKE CHEESECAKE? YES PLEASE! […]

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Smitten Shots: What you missed in... June!

I hate being out of the loop. I also know that the internet waits for no-one. A few long days of work, a weekend getaway, or a dog that thinks your laptop is another dog and comes and lies on top of every time you try to log on…All of these things can result in […]

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Inspiration Board: Mother's Day Picnic

Ooh do I have a treat in store for you next week! Today is a sneak peek of what’s coming up in an exciting week long adventure of DIY projects, handy tips and sweet treats all for Mother’s Day! Whether you’re a mum looking to be spoiled, or a fur-parent wanting to enjoy the day […]

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The beautiful people of the Internet | Pretty Fluffy

The Beautiful People of the Internet

Have you ever found yourself hitting rock bottom? You know, one of those times where everything seems overwhelming and it’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel? That was me two weeks ago. Stuck in bed with a fever and a bad case of the flu, I was left helpless as […]

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Love Mae Wall Decals + Fabric Labels

After a week of all things sweet and lovely, I could see no better way than to wrap things up with one of the most charming corners of the internet that has captured my heart of late. Love Mae is a whimisical boutique filled with original wall decals, gift wrap and lifestyle wares – all […]

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You Don't Know Love Until You Have Kids | Pretty Fluffy

"You Don't Know What Love Is Until You Have Kids"

It was like every other networking function I’ve ever been to. With a glass of champagne in one hand and a spring roll in the other I was desperately trying to figure out a way to inhale them both simultaneously when the introduction was made to another guest. The small talk started. Then the questions […]

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Happy Messy Love | Pretty Fluffy

Happy Messy Love

Three months ago I said goodbye to my Nan for the last time. At almost 95 years old, she had lived an amazing life. She lived through two world wars, the depression, a changing world landscape and a burgeoning family tree. But three months ago that life came to an end. I wish I could […]

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