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Friend or Food?

Please Note: This post contains graphic material (text only). I can remember the day clearly. I was 12 years old. My family had moved to a small town in outback Australia where the majority of people made their living off the land. As part of my ‘Agriculture’ class, a bus load of my peers and I […]

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A Kind Heart |

A Kind Heart

I rarely share a lot of personal details on Pretty Fluffy – but when I do have the urge to share something with you, it rarely goes away. For the past few weeks as I’ve inched closer and closer to the due date of my first (two-legged!) child, I’ve often been asked questions about my […]

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Frostie the Snow Goat from Edgars Mission | Pretty Fluffy

Frostie the Snow Goat from Edgar's Mission Farm Sa...

Now before you adjust your dial, yes Pretty Fluffy is a blog about dogs. And this story is not about a dog. It’s about a goat. A goat named Frostie. But when you hear Frostie’s story and see his video, you’ll understand why I had to share it. Because as animal lovers, our love isn’t […]

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Ho much do you love animals | Pretty Fluffy

How much do you really love animals?

Lately I haven’t been feeling good enough. I love animals. Not just dogs. All animals really. No matter what they look like, how smart they are – I just feel that animals have just as much right to be here as we do. That includes just as much right to safety and happiness as they live […]

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Top 5 Cruelty Free Body Scrubs | Pretty Fluffy

Top 5 Cruelty Free Body Scrubs

Who doesn’t love a Cruelty Free Body Scrub? Nobody that’s who. I love the fact that today’s post is all about body scrubs and has nothing to do with washing a dog! Not that I don’t loooove washing Soda. Who doesn’t enjoy spending half their Saturday covered in suds and dog hair? Today is all […]

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The 13 Project - The Results

13 Weeks ago I shared an idea with the world. I wasn’t sure how it would be received. I didn’t know if anyone would join me. I had no idea if I would see it through to the end. And here we are. In 13 short weeks The 13 Project has taken on a life […]

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Top 5 Cruelty Free Body Lotion | Pretty Fluffy

Cruelty Free Beauty: Top 5 Body Lotions

As the title suggests today is all about Cruelty Free Beauty – cruelty free body lotion to be exact. You see for me finding animal friendly and cruelty free products is a big part of my lifestyle. I figure if I love Soda as much as I do, I wouldn’t want her or any animals […]

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Maddie the Border Collie by Dana Cubbage Photography | Pretty Fluffy

Maddie the Border Collie X by Dana Cubbage Photogr...

One of my favourite new trends in pet photography are the family sessions I see becoming more and more popular by the day. There’s nothing quite like seeing a couple getting professional photos with their favourite pooch, showing just how integral their dog is in their family unit. So when this gem of a session […]

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5 Myths about Bull Breeds you need to know | Pretty Fluffy

5 Myths About Bull Breeds You Need to Know

Last week, in Victoria, Australia, the Laffan family said goodbye to two beloved members named Kooda and Bear. The two pups, little more than a year old were hugged and kissed, patted and stroked, before their owners placed them on the veterinarian’s table where they were euthanised. Kooda and Bear were not homeless. They did […]

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