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Rachel Bilson & Thurman Murman

One of my favourite young Hollywood style icons is the gorgeous Rachel Bilson. Whether she’s walking a red carpet or walking the dog she always looks a-mah-zing. So it’s no surprise that her style had rubbed off on her super adorable mixed breed fluffy, Thurman Murman (CUTE NAME ALERT!)

{Image Source: Just Jared}

Want to style their style? For their casual street look try London Canine‘s Skull & Cross Bones Step in Harness…

Or for their sweet summer snapshot you can pick up Thurman’s lead and collar combo at the gorgeous Ella DishCan’t get enough of the lovely Miss Bilson? Rumour has it that she’ll be back on our screens soon – set to team up again with OC creator Josh Schwartz for a new CW comedic drama called ‘Hart of Dixie’. I’m sure Thurman Murman will be watching!

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