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Dogs of the Blogs: Puppy Tales

I’m so happy to feature Lisa from Puppy Tales today. Her dogs are just the most adorable pups you will ever see, and her blog is a treasure trove of information, tips and fun…

Who: Lisa, Cress and Eddie.
Where: Puppy Tales
In A Nutshell: Puppy Tales is devoted to the promotion of good relationships between dogs and humans. This means not only sharing things like cute photos, dog toys and dog events, but also exploring the further integration of dogs into our society and highlighting the benefits and enjoyment they can bring to all members of our community.

Why did you start blogging?
My main inspiration came from raising my own dogs and realising the joy I got from spending time with them everyday.I found I was spending so much time thinking about dogs, looking at dog products, exploring photos and reading dog-related books that I might as well share all that experience with others.

What is your favourite thing about blogging?
I think I am still relatively new to blogging so I learn a lot all the time — which I love — but I think I really enjoy blogging for two reasons. Firstly, I get to be creative in thinking up ideas for blog posts and expanding upon them through the actual writing process. Secondly, I’m always amazed at the connections that my blog helps me make with my readers and other bloggers!

Tell us about your dogs…
I have two dogs. My elder dog is called Cresswell and he was the first pet my husband and I got together. He has been a delight from day one but he does know how to get his own way! He is definitely the most sociable dog I have ever owned and wins people over very quickly. Edwina is a younger dog who we got a year after Cress. She is a little more timid than him but very loyal and cuddly. Together, they’re a true brother and sister team; they work very well together and love each other very much.

If you had to describe your dog in three words, you’d say….
Cresswell: Exuberant, soulful and loving.
Edwina: Loyal, curious and endearing.

How is your dog involved in your blog?
Eddie and Cress often inspire my posts. Sometimes this can be on a more abstract level such as “how do I look after my dog during the heat of Summer?”. It also happens more directly with my product reviews — they get to put all the dog toys and new products through their paces. I also take a lot of photos of them so I have to control myself and not plaster the blog with their images.

What’s your idea of a perfect day?
A beautiful sunny Saturday where my husband and I get to sleep in and then go up the road to our favourite French cafe with Cress and Eddie. It’s extremely dog friendly! We often then go past the local dog park and throw the ball for the dogs. They’d go all day if we let them. What happens after that doesn’t really matter as we have all had a great start to the weekend!

Lisa’s TOP 5 Pretty & Fluffy picks…
1. Signature Coat from Moden Canine (Pictured) – I love this pea-green dog coat. Sometimes it would be nice to live in a cooler climate so I could buy the dogs more clothes.
2. Woofy from Tina Frey Designs (Pictured) – These resin dogs are so beautiful I would love to have one in my lounge room.
3. Moleskine (Pictured) – I don’t go anywhere without a notebook as I like to jot down notes, ideas and to-do lists. I often like to splurge on a Moleskine and there is a new dog-themed one!
4. Cheengoo Choc Pearls on Pink Collar – I am biased as we stock these collars in our shop but I love the Cheengoo range for dogs and cats which is all handmade in San Francisco.
5. Buxom ‘Cocker Spaniel’ Eyeshadow – I saw these dog-themed eyeshadows at Sephora on a recent trip and had to get one.
Thanks for having Cress, Eddie and myself on your blog today!

Want more Puppy Tales? You can follow them on Twitter and Facebook or subscribe here.

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6 responses to “Dogs of the Blogs: Puppy Tales”

  1. Taylor says:

    I’ve spent most of the evening checking out “Puppy Tales” I’m obsessed! Definitely a new favorite!

  2. Steve says:

    Love mr Cresswell & miss Edwina!!!

  3. So happy to see you here today Lise! Gorgeous shots of Eddie, Cress & You! xx

  4. I can totally relate to what Lisa shares in this interview regarding the creative process of blogging—both with writing (as well as photography in my case) and how what you share has such a huge impact on readers. I will be checking out Puppy Tales in depth (the adorable Cress and Eddie) on my lunch break but for now, thanks for sharing this!
    The Biscuits

  5. Very cool – we’re excited to start reading Lisa’s blog!

  6. It’s a wonderful blog and she chooses the best stuff for the Puppy Tales shop – so glad I could share it with you all 🙂

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Pick of the Week

  • Matching Knit Sweaters

    It’s official: twinning is winning. A 2020 Etsy Design Awards finalist, GETMATCHIT are here to up your style game with matching knit sweaters for you and your fur baby.