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Dogs of the Blogs: Little Bits of Lovely

I’m so happy to share this blog (and dog!) with you today. Little Bits of Lovely is truly one of the prettiest blogs out there – packed to the brim with inspirational imagery. Pretty Fluffies, meet Rachel…

Who: Rachel and Charlie the Cavalier/Shih Tzu cross
Where: Little Bits of Lovely
In A Nutshell: A lovely collection of style inspiration – from interiors and photography to fashion and pretty things.

Why did you start blogging? I started blogging as a way as a way to collect and keep track all of the incredible inspiration I found online, but then I realised how much more blogging was than just collecting beautiful images – it’s an amazing way to connect with a fabulous and supportive community of people who share the same passions as you.
Tell us about your dog? Charlie is almost 3 and is the most adorable dog ever; he follows me around all day wanting to know what I am up to and is always up for a tummy rub and a cuddle. He‘s also very playful; tug of war and fetch are his favourite games. Charlie has a cheeky side and has been known to sneak up on our table when we’re not watching and steal food!
How is your dog involved in your blog? Charlie is the world’s best cheerleader for the blog and also helps out road testing cushions, beds and blankets to make sure they pass the comfort test…
He is very good at this 😉
Rachel’s Top 5 favourite Pretty and Fluffy things… {Pictured}
1. Diptyque Figuier Candle – I love burning exquisite smelling candles around our home and have one in every room. Diptique are my favourites; they smell divine.
2. Hamish McBeth Collar & Leash – These beautifully crafted leather accessories are so pretty and hard to resist. Charlie is super stylish wearing his matching leash and collar!
3. iPhone 4 – I don’t leave home without my iPhone; it not only is extremely functional, but there are so many great apps which make it lots of fun to play with too.
4. Lolly Lamb Toy – Charlie loves playing with his toys! Everytime we come home he greets us with one of his toys in his mouth. This Lolly Lamb toy is great because it’s organic and made of all natural fibres.
5. Kate Spade Organiser – A stylish necessity that I couldn’t live without – I plan my blogging schedule and keep track of daily inspirations. Because its pocket sized, it fits in my bag easily and doesn’t take up much room.
Thank you for having me today Serena!

If you love what you see and want more, you can follow Rachel and Little Bits of Lovely on Twitter or subscribe to her blog here.

{Image Sources: 1. Mecca Cosmetica, 2. Hamish McBeth, 3. Apple, 4. Puppy Tales, 5. Kate Spade}

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  1. Thank you for having me here today Serena! xx

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