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Frozen strawberry and coconut oil dog treats - just 2 ingredients! Your dog will love these yummy treats and the recipe is SO EASY you'll love making them.

Frozen Strawberry & Coconut Oil Dog Treats

We love easy dog treat recipes here at Pretty Fluffy, and boy are these coconut oil dog treats easy. There are just two ingredients! Plus, they are really pretty and super healthy, so bonus points there. If you haven’t heard already, coconut oil is the bomb when it comes to health benefits for dogs (and humans!). […]

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Zodiac PugPendants by Canine Chic of London - Astrological Dog Tags

Zodiac PugPendants by Canine Chic of London

So COOL. That was my first thought when I saw these brand-spanking new Zodiac PugPendants by Canine Chic of London. So whether you’ve got a Scorpio Shih Tzu, a Pisces Pug, or an Aquarius Afghan – there’s a zodiac PugPendant for your pooch! Jonathan Cainer would be proud.   Depicting the 12 Astrological Constellations of […]

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Everything a dog mom could want! The ultimate list of non-cheesy Mother's Day gift ideas for dog moms and dog lovers. Ideas for every taste and budget.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Dog Moms

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, we’ve wrapped up our favourite Mother’s Day gift ideas for dog moms! So if you know a special dog mom in your life, these gifts will have them feeling the love… MOTHER’S DAY GIFT IDEAS FOR DOG MOMS From Top Left: Custom and ready-made silhouette pet charms by […]

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The limited edition Rifle Paper Co. dog bed collection, exclusively available at The Foggy Dog, includes 3 beds featuring stunning Rifle Paper Co fabric.

Rifle Paper Co Dog Beds by The Foggy Dog

If you love the beautiful creations from the iconic, global stationary brand Rifle Paper Co, you’re going to ADORE the Rifle Paper Co Dog Bed range by The Foggy Dog. The brand new, limited edition Rifle Paper Co. dog bed collection, exclusively available at The Foggy Dog, includes 3 beds all featuring stunning Rifle Paper Co […]

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So COOL. The Dalmatian wallpaper pattern is inspired by the iconic Dalmatian, using speckles and spots to make a strikingly stylish statement.

Trending: Dalmatian Wallpaper X Mural Decor

Loving the new Dalmatian Wallpaper X Mural Decor range! For a lot of dog lovers who also love interior design it can be a fine balance keeping your home pet friendly and showing your love for all things canine, without becoming one of ‘those people’ who have a whole bunch of cushions with your dog’s […]

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Full review of the $99 Hoover Dog and Cat Vacuum (turbo bagless 1800W) form Godfreys - the best budget friendly vacuum for pet owners and allergy sufferers.

Review: Hoover Dog and Cat Vacuum - The Best Budge...

If there’s one thing I hate about being a pet owner, it’s the hair. While I love cuddling the fluffiest of dogs, what I don’t love so much is finding pet hair everywhere. But the reality is, dogs come with lots of hair and most of that ends up on your carpet. So that pretty […]

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A full list of superfood fruits for dogs, including their long term health benefits and healing properties for illness and allergies - and how to serve.

10 Superfood Fruits for Dogs

With the focus on protein and veggies, fruits for dogs are often a forgotten addition to your pup’s diet. But with the addition of these fruity friends to your dog’s belly, you can help nourish your best friend from the inside out. We’ve chosen 10 of our favourite superfood fruits for dogs that have excellent health properties, and […]

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The gentle Mr PAW dog shampoo 2-in-1 formula combines a blend of essential oils that clean & condition, leaving your dog’s coat soft and shiny - no nasties!

Mr PAW Dog Shampoo - We're Loving this All Natural...

In one of my procrastinating, down the rabbit hole of Instagram searches, I came across awesome Melbourne pet brand, Mr PAW dog shampoo. I’ll admit it was all the cute furry faces staring up at me that had me hooked initially, but on closer inspection every photo had a gorgeous, minimalist white bottle of dog […]

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