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Behind the Brand: Sparkle Cupcakery, Surry Hills, Australia

Behind the Brand: Sparkle Cupcakery

When you want a cupcake in Sydney, you head to the iconic Sparkle Cupcakery. But little do many people know, the hip Surry Hills bakery and cafe is a haven for dog owners, with their signature ‘Pupcakes’ range sold in store. You can even find their secret recipes for dog biscuits and treats in their very […]

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A Pet Friendly Nursery | Baby Girl Nursery |

A Pretty Pet Friendly Nursery

From the moment I discovered I was pregnant, creating a pet friendly nursery was on my ‘fun’ pregnancy to-do list. (On my not so fun list, throwing up more than I thought humanely possible, and having dreams about just how much I missed sushi. I really miss sushi.) As Soda is such an integral part of […]

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Snow Dogs by Kirstie M Photography | Pretty Fluffy

Snow Dogs by Kirstie M Photography

While scrolling through this gorgeous winter Husky photo session by Adelaide pet photographer, Kirstie M Photography, I started humming ‘Let It Snow’ in my head. Doesn’t the fun and frocklicky nature of these gorgeous pups playing in the snow just make you want to dive in right after them? Kirstie’s here today to fill us in […]

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Senior Dogs: Holistic Hot Spot Remedies

Hot spots can make your dog’s day, week, or even month miserable. It’s so easy for them to go from licking and scratching here and there to completely obsessing over that horrible little spot. It is especially hard when senior dogs get hot spots. We want their golden years to be comfortable, relaxing, and enjoyable […]

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What is an Angel Session? (and why your senior dog needs one)

What is an Angel Session? (And why your Senior Dog...

For many pet owners, the senior years of their pet’s life are bittersweet. Never has our shared bond been stronger, and never before have we yearned so much to capture every moment as a precious memory we will keep forever. I’m delighted to have Sarah of McGraw Photography here today to give us one beautiful […]

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Superfoods for Senior Dogs

7 Superfoods for Senior Dogs

As your pup approaches their golden years, there’s no better time than to introduce these superfoods for senior dogs into their diet. Just like us, as dogs age their nutritional needs vary. Keeping your senior dog’s weight at an optimum level as well as having a healthy balance of vitamins and minerals in their diet […]

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Senior Dog Checklist - Everything you need for an older dog

Senior Dog Checklist - Everything you Need for an ...

As your dog gets older they have different needs from their younger years. They may need more time to rest, their eyesight or hearing may not be what it used to be, and getting up out of bed gets that little bit harder – just like us! I’ve rounded up my favourite senior essentials in […]

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5 Pro Tips for Senior Pet Photography

5 Pro Tips for Senior Pet Photography

Welcome to Seniors Week on Pretty Fluffy! This week is all about celebrating the older pets we have in our lives. As they reach their golden years, there’s no better time to strengthen the bond you have with your pooch. We’ll be sharing everything you need to know about pampering your senior pet including… + […]

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These easy to make fruity frozen dog treats are the healthy way to cool your pup down this summer. No chemicals, no artificial flavors! Grab the recipe now.

DIY Fruity Frozen Dog Treats

These fruity frozen dog treats are the perfect way to cool your pup down, especially after being in the hot summer sun. Not only are they super healthy, these little icy treats are mega delicious, and something the whole family can share – or at least try to share! I caught my husband sneaking into the freezer about […]

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