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Banana-Almond Puppy Treats Recipe | The perfect treat for new puppies! We've created a soft, yummy, and super healthy puppy treats recipe that we hope your puppy (and even full grown doggies) will love as much as ours.

Banana-Almond Puppy Treats Recipe

Oh the adventures that puppies bring! There was never a dull moment when Coco Bean was a wee pupster. Exploring nature, car rides, and the disney word that is the living room, and of course playing under the coffee table like it is their own personal fort – But most of all exploring new tastes […]

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5 Tips for Photographing Your New Puppy

5 Pro Tips on how to take the BEST Puppy Photos

Great dog photos can be difficult, but awesome puppy photos can seem virtually impossible! It is well worth the effort of trying and of persevering though – all that puppy cuteness and adorability won’t last for long, and you’ll be forever glad you captured such a wonderful part of your pup’s life forever. Here are […]

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Tessa by Cockapoo Puppy by Happy Tails Pet Photography | Pretty Fluffy

Tessa the Cockapoo Puppy by Happy Tails Pet Photog...

Welcome back to Puppy Week on Pretty Fluffy! Could there be a cuter puppy face than the adorable Tess shot by Happy Tails Pet Photography? For all their digging, chewing and sharp puppy teeth, this is why we can’t say no to them – those puppy dog eyes and gorgeous hearts ready to love. From […]

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DIY Party Favour Bags - Puppy Party

DIY Doggie Party Bags from Thor's Puppy Shower

Did you fall head over heels for Thor and his DIY Puppy Shower earlier today? Well you’re in luck, because stylist and puppy party planner, Lindsey of When Pooch Comes to Shove is back to share with us her super easy DIY for Doggie Party Favour Bags. YOU’LL NEED Paper Bags Ribbon Scissors and hole […]

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Puppy Shower Ideas - the best way to welcome a new furry member of the family

Thor’s DIY Puppy Shower

I thought nothing could be sweeter than welcoming a new puppy into your home – but this Puppy Shower by When Pooch Comes to Shove has me on cuteness overload! What a fun, personalised way to welcome a new member of the family. When Pooch Comes to Shove owner and puppy planner extraordinaire, Lindsey, has […]

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Puppy Essentials Checklist | Pretty Fluffy

Must Have Puppy Essentials + Free Download Checkli...

When bringing home a new puppy or older rescue dog, the task of caring for your new furry friend can be daunting – yet with our Puppy Essentials Checklist you can ensure you have everything you need before you bring your new puppy home… 1. DOG BED A comfy dog bed for your new puppy […]

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Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy by Nicole Begley Photography

Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy by Nicole Begley - Welc...

Welcome to Puppy Week on Pretty Fluffy! This week is all about celebrating those four legged friends that come into our lives and turn them upside down and inside out – and we wouldn’t have it any other way. This week we’ll be sharing everything you need to know about enjoying life with a new […]

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George the Boxer Puppy by Kathy Lui Photography | Pet Photography | Pretty Fluffy

George the Boxer Puppy by Kathy Lui Photography

Some photography sessions are just designed to bring a big ol’ smile to your face. So when you combine the antics of a boxer just turned one, and the brilliant talents of Kathy Lui Photography, you know you’ll be smiling for a long time to come. From Kathy: Everyone, meet George. He is a one […]

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5 Reasons We Love Betty White

    Betty White. Where do I begin? I have loved this woman ever since I was little girl obsessed with the Golden Girls and Mary Tyler Moore and every other nick-at-nite show. I might have been the only 8 year old who dreamed of having my own trendy apartment where I could hang out […]

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