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Our Christmas Wish for You | Pretty Fluffy

Our Christmas Wish for You...

  May your holidays be filled with peace. May you find joy and warmth with a furry friend by your side. May you find peace and comfort in the memories of companions no longer here. May you know that you’re loved, even if you are alone. May you give love. May you receive it in […]

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Holiday Foods: The Naughty & Nice Lists

Mmmmm… the holidays. There are so many fun parties and festive happenings that take place in the beautiful month of December. Besides spending time with loved ones, the one thing we look forward to the most is the food. Am I right? You know it’s true, and I am pretty sure dogs all over the […]

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Snowflake Shortbread Cookie Dog Treat Recipe | Pretty Fluffy - Make your own snowflake cookie dog treat recipe with our free tutorial. A perfect, easy way to include your dog in the holiday season!

Snowflake Cookie Dog Treat Recipe

With less than a week to go til Christmas, we’ve got you sorted with a quick and easy homemade holiday dog treat recipe. Perfect for that last minute yummy treat for Fido! INGREDIENTS 1 and 1/4 Cups Rice Flour 2 Free Range Eggs 2 Tablespoons Vegetable Oil 1 Tablespoon Organic Honey Snowflake Cookie Dog Treat Recipe […]

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5 Top Tips for Traveling with Dogs during the Holidays

5 Tips for Traveling with Dogs these Holidays

When we adopted Watson as a puppy we lived in Baton Rouge Louisiana. The only element we had to think about when it came to caring for our new pup was the heat. As we moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico and then to Minnesota with many travels in between new climates, terrains and environments […]

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Pup Tart Christmas Gift Box for Dogs

PupTart Christmas Gift Boxes

Loving these super cute Christmas Gift Boxes from Pup Tart. Bright, whimsical and colourful, there are 3 holiday gift boxes to choose from – featuring a range of yummy dog treats, toys and accessories. From doggie bow ties to East End Best Friend Pom Poms, each box is filled with fun – one even features […]

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Toby the Rescue Pup by Westway Studio | Pretty Fluffy

Toby's Story by Westway Studio

When you go to the facebook page of Westway Studio the cover photo shows a perfect pup’s snout and the caption ‘I Capture Hearts & Souls (And Tongues)’. This gorgeous session couldn’t have more heart and soul if it tried. With so many dogs experiencing a rough start in life, nothing makes me happier to […]

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Holiday Dog Treats - PB & Ginger Snaps Recipe - These holiday dog treats are healthy, yummy and easy to make. Grab the recipe here and make your own treats for your dog and their friends these holidays.

Holiday Dog Treats: PB & Ginger Snaps

The holidays are upon us and it’s time for baking Christmas cookies AND holiday dog treats. I’ve recently found out that Coco is a fan of ginger, so I have concocted a healthy grain-free recipe. It includes not only ginger, but one of her favorite ingredients of all time, peanut butter. I call these little […]

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Neato - the robot vacuum cleaner

Review: Neato Pet & Allergy Robot Vacuum

Fluffy dog owners rejoice! There’s now robot vacuum cleaner specifically built for dog hair. That’s right a ROBOT vacuum cleaner for pet owners. We have officially entered the age of the Jetsons and this cleaner is ready to pick up all of Astro’s fur. Say hello to my little friend, the Neato Pet Vacuum. PERFECT […]

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Trends: Dog Wallpaper Decor

Remember those thoughts that used to pop into your head when you heard the word wallpaper? You know… drab, old, grandma, and “Oh geez, the open house we just toured was covered that awful wallpaper“. We are so thrilled that wallpaper has evolved into beautiful designs that appeal to just about any style. We are especially happy […]

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