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Rescued Bull Breeds by Ruthless Photos 2013 Calendar | Pretty Fluffy

Rescued Bull Breeds Calendar by Ruthless Photos

Now I don’t want to alarm anyone, but we are getting towards the end of 2013. Panicking yet? Well, rather than beating yourself up about not losing those 5kgs (I AM planning on going to the gym tomorrow); or finishing the first draft of your novel (notes written on napkins mean I’m halfway there right? […]

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Pretty Fluffy Relaunch

Behind the Scenes // 03

OUR NEW LOOK To say this month was a big one is a complete understatement… We launched our new look Pretty Fluffy site. Thank you so much to everyone who tweeted, pinned, facebooked, instagrammed, exchange-agrammed* your little hearts out. Just looking at all the pics in this post means the world to me. We’re truly […]

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DIY Canine Wine Toppers Tutorial

DIY: Canine Wine Toppers

In need of a fun gift for your fellow dog loving wine enthusiast? Fun addition to your next dinner party? Or maybe you just want a cute way to top off your wine? We’ve got you covered with this super simple DIY. In just a few quick steps you can have a slew of stylish […]

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Smiley by Happy Tails Pet Photography | Pretty Fluffy

Smiley the Golden Retriever by Happy Tails Pet Pho...

The funny thing about featuring a dog called Smiley, is that you can’t stop smiling when you look at that beautiful face smiling back at you. From a rough start in life, Smiley is a beacon of hope. He shows that all you need in life is an open heart and someone to love. His […]

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Spottybox Dog Suscription Service | Pretty Fluffy

Review: Spottybox

Want hand picked goodies sent straight to your door every month? Well you’ll just have to wait, because it’s your dogs turn right now! Spottybox is a new service in Australia that hand picks a unique selection of natural treats and premium quality toys to keep your dog happy and healthy. I recently trialled Spottybox’s […]

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Jess Lively Home Tour | Pretty Fluffy

Pet Friendly Home Tour: Jess Lively & Franklin

Jess Lively has dedicated her life to living with intention. Through her popular blog and consulting business, Jess helps others craft their dream homes, careers and families on a daily basis. Known for her sweet nature, analytical insight into branding and design and a unparalleled passion for living your best life (only Oprah herself could […]

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Emmy Awards Inspired Dog Accessories | Pretty Fluffy

Emmy Inspired Dog Accessories

Can I get a holler for the 65th Primetime Emmy Awards happening this Sunday? I’ve got big hopes for Mad Men and Liz Lemon to bring home some sweet Emmy love. Being in Australia the Emmys is broadcast on Monday morning which has good and bad points…GOOD – You tape it and get to fast […]

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Mungo & Maud - Behind the Brand | Pretty Fluffy

Behind the Brand: Mungo & Maud

Visiting the flagship store of Mungo & Maud in Belgravia, London, is a must for any discerning dog owner. The light filled store, with luxurious vintage styling, evokes a feeling that every item is a one of a kind treasure hand picked just for you. When you walk in the terrace on Elizabeth St, for […]

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Top 4 Aussie Cruelty Free Products | Pretty Fluffy

4 Aussie Cruelty Free Products You Need to Try

One of the best parts of living in Australia is just how many brilliant Australian brands are cruelty free – that’s 100% Aussie cruelty free. Whether it’s our penchant for cuddly koalas* or our back to nature lifestyle, we do very well in the cruelty free arena. Here are my top picks that you must […]

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