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Wrigley the Service Puppy by Allison Shamrell Photography | Pretty Fluffy

Wrigley the Service Puppy by Allison Shamrell Pet ...

For many pet owners, getting a new puppy is a new beginning on what will become a lifelong adventure together. But for service puppies and their owners, their short time together is a selfless and dedicated act towards making this one puppy into a dog who will be someone’s lifeline one day. But that doesn’t […]

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An Organized Make Up Station

GUEST POST Hello hello Pretty Fluffies! Today I’m over at IHeart Organizing sharing how I organized my new makeup station for less than $20! So why not come on over and say hi? Click here to read the full post and you might just find a a free printable for you!

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Good Day Dog Collar | Pretty Fluffy

Review: Good Day Dog

A dog’s collar can say a lot about them. So why not keep your pup ahead of the pack with the brand new collar subscription service, Good Day Dog? MONTHLY COLLAR SUBSCRIPTION The premise of Good Day Dog is simple! Just sign up online to receive a new collar for your dog every month to […]

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Pouf the Pomeranian by Fetchlight Photography | Pretty Fluffy

Pouf! the Pomeranian by Fetchlight Photography

When you’re told a dog’s name is Pouf! with an exclamation point, you know they’re going to have personality. Despite what Elaine Benes thought, an exclamation point to me is all about joy, excitement and energy. Which is just what this adorable shoot by Fetchlight Photography has. Come along and meet Pouf! From Jen: Pouf! […]

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The Pawsh Print Shop

We’re delighted to announce our friends at Pawsh have opened their first print store! Their new online Etsy store has been designed as an extension of Pawsh Magazine to further celebrate a life lived well with dogs. Catering to the style-conscious, modern pet parent, Pawsh Print Shop offers vibrant, contemporary photography that can be incorporated […]

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Mochi & Jolie Dog Watches

I don’t wear watches usually. Call me Gen Y (although I’m not sure, is being born in 1980 make you Gen Y?), a terrible time teller (I had one of those ‘learner’ watches til I was about 10)…Whatever it is, I’ve become one of those people who relies on phones, microwaves, and clock towers from […]

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Paddington the Corgi by Posh Pets Photography | Pretty Fluffy

Paddington the Corgi Puppy by Posh Pets Photograph...

I like Corgi butts and I cannot lie. So when this amazing Corgi puppy session from Posh Pets Photography landed in my inbox I was smitten from the start. Those ears! Those little legs! That head tilt! Let’s just call the competition off and pronounce Corgi puppies the winner of ultimate cuteness. From Karen: This […]

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DGG Winter Collection

Baby it’s cold outside! So to keep your dog as snug as a bug in a rug this winter look no further than Doggone Gorgeous. With a focus on fashion and function, DGG have created a winter collection of plush warmies, fleece hoodies and corduroy and flannel wrappers with something to suit every pooch. Big […]

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Bambú Hammock Dog Bed by Pet Lounge Studios

Honestly, I think I’ve found it. No, not the correct way to pronounce Quinoa – nobody knows that. But I honestly think I’ve found a bed that should I return to my human sized bed one night and find a black and white Border Collie sprawled across the middle (seriously – how does a 20 […]

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