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Labrador Puppy Designer Umbrella by Kelly & Sam

We’ve been all about puppies this week, so I couldn’t help but share these adorable designer dog themed umbrellas from luxe Australian brand Kelly & Sam with you. The umbrella features a rubberised crook handle for a comfortable grip. The shaft of the umbrella is steel to provide extra strength and rigidity and is coated […]

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Wildebeest Starter Kit for New Dogs

New dog in your life? There’s no better way to start than with this fab Starter Kit by Wildebeest just for dogs. With sizing for every pooch (small, medium and large), the kit contains all the essentials for a new dog. The organised storage box includes: Leash, Baggie, Collar & To-Go Bowl 2 tennis balls […]

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Oscar the Dachshund Puppy by Dana Cubbage Photography | Pretty Fluffy

Oscar the Dachshund Puppy by Dana Cubbage Photogra...

It doesn’t get much teeny-weeny and cute as a dachshund puppy. Those chubby legs, those heart meting eyes, those ears! This shoot from Dana Cubbage Photography will have you crying out for some Doxie love in no time… From Dana Cubbage Photography: I photographed Oscar, a miniature Dachshund, when he was only 9 weeks old. […]

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Puppy Proofing your home | Pretty Fluffy

10 Ways to Puppy Proof Your Home

Bringing home a new puppy can be a daunting task. For many of us, it’s the first time we’re responsible for something other than ourselves. (Lets never mention that plant we got for our housewarming, ok?) But alas, puppies can’t live on champagne, cupcakes and hugs. When you bring a new bundle of fluff home, […]

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Fetching Photos ebook by Charlotte Reeves | Pretty Fluffy

Review: Fetching Photos eBook by Charlotte Reeves

Photography is about catching moments. Taking snapshots of beauty that we display in our homes, keep as reminders on our desks and phones, or scrap book away to be admired by future generations. For me, pet photography is all the more important because it captures the fleeting joy and love that are the pets that […]

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Pooch Posse Cardigan by Anthropologie

Wear your heart on your sleeve? Then why not wear your dog with this gorgeous Pooch Posse Cardigan by Anthropologie. Think you’ve seen it before? Fans of Glee would recognise it worn by beautiful Heather Morris who plays Brittany (thanks for the tip Fashion of Glee!) CLICK TO BUY: Anthropologie Pooch Posse Cardigan or for more […]

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Golden Retriever by Nicole Begley Photography | Pretty Fluffy

Leila the Golden Retriever by Nicole Begley Photog...

When someone says the word family, so many people will think of a couple with 2.5 kids and a white picket fence. But for me a family is where love is. A nana and her granddaughter. A group of friends that celebrate the holidays together. A man and his dog. So when I first laid eyes […]

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Fundle Pet Sling Review | Pretty Fluffy

Review: The Fundle Pet Sling

Every so often an innovative product comes along that opens up a whole new world for dog owners. The Pet Sling is one such product. Similar in concept to a baby sling, the Pet Sling is a hands free pet carrier designed specifically with your dog’s comfort and wellbeing in mind. THE SLING What’s unique […]

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Great Gatsby Inspired Pet Accessories

Hands up who has Gatsby fever*? It’s hit me hard. The latest masterpiece by the ever inspired Baz Luhrmann has me shopping for feathered boas, slipping into vintage frocks and downing Gin Daises. But why should we have all the fun? Here are my top picks for Gatsby inspired pieces just for the pooches. From […]

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