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Soul Mate ID Tags by Blanket ID

For most our dogs, their ID tags just say ‘Rover’ or ‘Butters’ or ‘Princess Dandyridge Brandywine’ (remember where that name comes from?) Yet this dog ID tag from the marvelous Blanket ID says what a dog really is to their owner – a Soul Mate. As part of their Donation by Design program, this tag […]

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Cupcake Dog Toys by FuzzYard | Pretty Fluffy

Review: Cupcake Dog Toys by FuzzYard

OK, so we all know I love cupcakes, so when FuzzYard recently launched their new Cupcake Dog Toys range I was smitten from the start! THE DETAILS Part of their FuzzYard Fresh range, the Cupcake Toys come in Blue and Pink. The measure 15cm and each toy has a squeaker inside for interaction. The toys […]

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Anzac Biscuit Dog Treat Recipe | Anzac Biscuits are a hundred year old tradition in Australia. Make your own ANZAC biscuit dog treat recipe with our free tutorial - grab it here.

Anzac Biscuit Dog Treat Recipe

Anzac Biscuits are a hundred year old tradition in Australia. This easy to make sweet treat was sent from homes to Australian and New Zealand soldiers (ANZACS) serving in World War I. In celebration of Anzac Day this year, I decided to make a dog friendly Anzac Biscuit dog treat version just for your pup! […]

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Be Tick Aware! 4 Steps to Tick Control in Dogs

When you first get a dog, there are so many things to be on top of. Feeding, grooming, walking, socialisation…the list goes on and on. With the amount of things you have to remember, sometimes you need a cheat sheet. So today I’ve created a handy guide for keeping your pooch tick free in 4 […]

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Mika the Doberman by Wet Nose Fotos | Pretty Fluffy

Mika the Doberman by Wet Nose Fotos

If there was a photo session that captured the beauty, innocence and mischievous glint in the eye of a one year old pup, this first birthday shoot by Wet Nose Fotos would be it. Surrounded by bubbles, nature and loving fur-parents, Mika the red Doberman got the first birthday trifecta… From Shannon of Wet Nose […]

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DIY Dog Treat Pinata | Pretty Fluffy

DIY Dog Treat Puppy Piñata

It really doesn’t get much more fun than a DIY Puppy Piñata. And frankly, now that I’ve had one, I couldn’t imagine a dog birthday party without it! Combining the fun of a treat ball, with the glitter of a disco ball, our DIY Puppy Piñata kept Soda entertained throughout the day. Follow these easy […]

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The iconic black and white cookie in dog form! Grab our FREE black and white cookie dog treat recipe here - it's super yummy, quick and easy to make. | Black & White Cookie Dog Treat Recipe | Pretty Fluffy

Black and White Cookie Dog Treat Recipe

As a long time fan of the Black and White cookie, I knew when I decided on a Black and White theme for Soda’s birthday there was one sweet treat I wanted to make for the occasion. Enter the Black and White Cookie Dog Treat Recipe. Made of human grade ingredients, it’s the perfect special […]

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Dog Birthday Party with Dog Treat Pinata | Pretty Fluffy

Black + White Dog Birthday Party

This year I decided to celebrate Soda’s 12th birthday with a little at home dog birthday party just for her. A black and white party just for my black and white pup. Yes. I am that kind of person that celebrates their dog’s birthday. Did you expect anything different? B+W Dog Birthday Party – The Details […]

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Merrick the Boxer by Erin King Photographer

When a whole community loves a dog, you know that dog is something special. So when I laid eyes on this gorgeous session from Erin King Photographer, I knew I had to share Merrick the Boxer’s story with you… From Erin: One of my regular weekend café hangouts with my pooch is Jellystone Café in […]

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