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Top 5 Cruelty Free Body Scrubs | Pretty Fluffy

Top 5 Cruelty Free Body Scrubs

Who doesn’t love a Cruelty Free Body Scrub? Nobody that’s who. I love the fact that today’s post is all about body scrubs and has nothing to do with washing a dog! Not that I don’t loooove washing Soda. Who doesn’t enjoy spending half their Saturday covered in suds and dog hair? Today is all […]

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Winston the Schnauzer by Willow & Co | Pretty Fluffy

Winston the Schnauzer by Willow & Co.

Beautiful pet photography is all about love. It’s about capturing the love these little furry friends give us unconditionally on a daily basis. It’s about the love we hold in our hearts for them while they snuggle to our chests. It’s about the love we keep in the depths of our souls long after they’re […]

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Perfect Pet Friendly Home Tips | Pretty Fluffy

The Perfect Pet Friendly Home

Have you ever sat back and thought about your dream home? What about the perfect pet friendly home? Filled with organized storage, hidden doggy nooks, stylish feeders, toy baskets and more… Let’s take a peek at what it would be like… PET FRIENDLY HOME ORGANIZATION 1. A stylish doggy door to let them in and out. […]

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Organized Dog Drawer | Pretty Fluffy

A Pretty Organized Doggy Drawer

To say I’m beyond blown away with the post we have lined up for you today is an understatement. The gorgeous Casey from Pretty Organized is here to share her super organized doggy drawer. Who knew slobbery dog toys, tangles leashes and all those bits n bobs we have as dog owners could be so neat? […]

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Luvocracy: A Girl's Best Friend

This week, Sarah and I are over at Luvocracy sharing our favourite finds and revealing what makes a pet product A+ in our books. You can read our full interview here entitled ‘A Girl’s Best Friend‘ – it doesn’t get much sweeter than that I tell ya! Have you heard of Luvocracy? Launched late last year, […]

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DIY Stylish Pet Food Storage | Pretty Fluffy

Stylish Pet Food Storage Solutions + Free Printabl...

Stylish Pet Food Storage – GUEST POST Hello hello Pretty Fluffies! Today I’m talking all things storage. Stylish Pet Food Storage to be exact. You see it only takes 3 simple steps to get your pet food and treats stored safely and stylishly. So why not come on over to IHeart Organizing where I’m guest posting. […]

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Valentine's Day Finds for You + Your Pooch

OK, OK would you shut up about Valentine’s day already? You may be thinking that right now, but after checking out these goodies below, whether you think VDay is a buzz or a bust, you’ll be wanting to spread a little fluffy love throughout the year. Here are our fav finds… 1. Puppy Kisses – […]

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DIY Valentine's Dog Sweater + Blanket

Looking for an easy way to glam up your pet’s style for Valentines Day? This quick makeover is sure to do the trick! All you need is one (or more) of your pet’s favorite cozy items. I chose Coco’s winter sweater and her favorite comfy blanket, and within minutes she was ready for Valentine’s Day. Only […]

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Dog Bucket List | Pretty Fluffy

Why not make a Doggie Bucket List?

I was chatting to my mum the other night and she mentioned her latest vacation was a trip to cross off the Bucket List. Seems today everyone has some version of a Bucket List – that is things they want to do before “they kick the bucket”. Sounds macabre, but really it’s more a celebration […]

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