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Smitten Shots: What you missed in... June!

I hate being out of the loop. I also know that the internet waits for no-one. A few long days of work, a weekend getaway, or a dog that thinks your laptop is another dog and comes and lies on top of every time you try to log on…All of these things can result in […]

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Fresh Dog Dry Dog Shampoo

One of the most lifesaving items to have in any beauty cabinet is dry shampoo. Seriously, there are times in your life where you just don’t have time to wash and blow dry your hair. And guess what? The same goes for dogs. How many times have you put up with a slightly smelly pooch […]

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Sarah Hyland & Barkley Bixby | Pretty Fluffy

Sarah Hyland & Barkley Bixby

I am a huge Modern Family fan. HUGE. I love that show so much, that I can’t even begin to decide who is my favourite character. Gloria is beauty personified, Cam I adore, Phil & Luke crack me up… Sometimes I hear myself and I sound exactly like perfectionist Claire (Phil: “When everybody else sees […]

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5 Myths about Bull Breeds you need to know | Pretty Fluffy

5 Myths About Bull Breeds You Need to Know

Last week, in Victoria, Australia, the Laffan family said goodbye to two beloved members named Kooda and Bear. The two pups, little more than a year old were hugged and kissed, patted and stroked, before their owners placed them on the veterinarian’s table where they were euthanised. Kooda and Bear were not homeless. They did […]

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Rescue Bull Breeds by Ruthless Photos

If there’s one thing I love about the greater pet community, it’s their ability to give back to the animals they love so much. My latest favourite case in point? The uber-talented pet photographer, Ruth O’Leary. Now while Ruth’s talents are put to use photographing all types of pets, her heart has well and truly […]

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Age of Reason Silk Scarves

Completely loving these luxe, printed silk scarves by British label Age of Reason. Take a dash of pug-love with a playful punk twist and you’ve got yourself one hell of a stylish accessory. To see the full range (believe me you WANT to!) head on over to The Age of Reason website.

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Pretty Fluffy Wants You!

Hello there Pretty Fluffies! At the start of a brand spanking new week, today is all about YOU on Pretty Fluffy. How so? It’s all about you, my dear readers, telling me how I can make Pretty Fluffy better for you on a daily basis through a short 10 Question Reader Survey. I want to […]

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A Love Story by Erin King Photographer

Remember this post when I talked about all the different types of love that makes the world go round? Well, when I saw these gorgeous images and read the accompanying story by talented photographer, Erin King of Erin King Photographer, I thought immediately of that post. Because while you may be smitten just as much […]

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A Pretty Fluffy European Adventure – Part II

Welcome to the Part II of my Pretty Fluffy European Adventure! On Monday I took you through my go-to tips for all things French. And today? Here are my favourite highlights from Italy and Greece…including the fluffy friends I met along the way! Rome SHOP Start at the Spanish Steps and work your way down […]

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