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How to make your own Outdoor Cinema | Pretty Fluffy

Mother's Day DIY Outdoor Cinema Picnic

Happy Monday Pretty Fluffies! As promised I’ve got a stellar week lined up all in time for Mother’s Day 2012. Whether you’re a mum, a daughter, a fur parent or someone who just plain likes holidays, this project has something for everyone. Throughout the week I’ll be sharing with you how to set up your […]

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Inspiration Board: Mother's Day Picnic

Ooh do I have a treat in store for you next week! Today is a sneak peek of what’s coming up in an exciting week long adventure of DIY projects, handy tips and sweet treats all for Mother’s Day! Whether you’re a mum looking to be spoiled, or a fur-parent wanting to enjoy the day […]

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Dogs of the Blogs: Chevrons & Stripes

I first discovered today’s beautiful blog through an adorable photo of her dog when her home was featured on the Glitter Guide back in February. It’s safe to say since then I’ve been smitten. Combining a fresh sense of style and a fine eye for design, Chevrons & Stripes is the spot to go to […]

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A Favour to ask from my Lovely Readers...

Blogging can be a rollercoaster of a ride. The latest case in point for me has been my nomination in the Best Australian Blogs 2012 Competition run by the Sydney Writers’ Centre. Boy am I in there with some fabulous blogging talent. In fact over 1024 blogs are in the running for The People’s Choice […]

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Animals are not things | Pretty Fluffy

Animals Are Not Things

I’ve always been uncomfortable with calling myself a dog owner. You see while I love my dog very much, I don’t like calling myself her ‘owner’ as to me that makes her seem like a possession. A ‘Thing’. Call me a car owner? That’s fine. A home owner? I wish. But a dog owner? Not […]

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Handmade Wool Dog Toys Review | Pretty Fluffy

Review: Cuddle & Play Wool Toys from FitDog

What do you look for when toy shopping for your dog? I like to combine a mix of the interactive, to keep Soda’s mind and body stimulated, and the cute, just for the awww factor. So when the eco friendly dog boutique FitDog were kind enough to send through 3 of their new Cuddle & […]

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Celebrity Apprentice Australia Dog Wash!

Happy Wednesday Pretty Fluffies! I’m super excited today because I’m teaming up with the lovely Lisa from Puppy Tales to share with you the time we spent behind the scenes of The Celebrity Apprentice Australia which launches TONIGHT on Channel 9. Earlier this year we were lucky enough to go along to the filming of their […]

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Shaynna Blaze & Coco | Pretty Fluffy

Shaynna Blaze & Coco

I’m so excited about today’s post, because I can say with 100% certainty that this celebrity is an absolute sweetheart. Many of you would recognise Shaynna Blaze as the co-host and interior designer for Selling Houses Australia, but tonight she takes on a new role as Judge on the 2012 series of The Block. I […]

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What's New for Spring! Studio Legohead + Silly Bud...

Want to know one of my favourite things about living in Sydney, Australia? The year round Spring weather. You see, we’re one of those areas that can feel like Springtime even though we’re really heading into winter. Which is why I’ve been totally smitten of late with these fab Spring finds for pooches. Welcome to […]

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