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LuxeMutt Dog Collars + Accessories

Looking for the perfect present for your pooch? Have a special event that they need to look their best, but not big on doggie tuxedoes? As the owner of a large dog who would prefer to chew her own legs off rather than wear a natty Christmas sweater*, dog fashion has always felt a little […]

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Albert the Mastiff X by Charlotte Reeves Photography | Pretty Fluffy

Albert the Labrador x Mastiff by Charlotte Reeves ...

For me, it’s never the ‘perfect’ photo that draws me in. Whether the subject is a piece of architecture, a fashion model or the family pet, what gets my attention is how the photo tells a story – how the photographer captures a moment in time. So it goes without saying that today’s photo session caught […]

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Downton Abbey Inspired Pet Accessories

The minute I saw that waggy little tail appearing on the screen while the orchestral score swelled during the opening credits of Downton Abbey I knew I was hooked. But although it got me with a loyal labrador, what’s kept me glued to my screen is the scandalous storylines, the forbidden love affairs, and the […]

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Dogs of the Blogs: August Empress

Now it goes without saying that I’m a HUGE fan of the blog that I’m sharing with you today. You see the creative force behind August Empress is the same amazing talent that designed the Pretty Fluffy website. This girl really has an eye for everything beautiful, sweet and stylised. And not only is she […]

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Love Mae Wall Decals + Fabric Labels

After a week of all things sweet and lovely, I could see no better way than to wrap things up with one of the most charming corners of the internet that has captured my heart of late. Love Mae is a whimisical boutique filled with original wall decals, gift wrap and lifestyle wares – all […]

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Reese Witherspoon & Coco Chanel | Pretty Fluffy

Reese Witherspoon & Coco Chanel

If there’s one celebrity that always managed to look classic, beautiful and on top of her game it’s Reese Witherspoon. Combining her southern charm with old Hollywood glamour, whether she’s on the red carpet or walking the dog, she always manages to knock it out of the park. And her pooch, Coco Chanel, is no […]

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Dogs At Weddings: Vintage Pink Affair

Welcome to a brand new post series here on Pretty Fluffy: Dogs at Weddings! Due to the popularity of my original Dogs at Weddings post and all the questions I get about inspiration for including your favourite furry friend at your wedding, I thought it may be fun to start including some eye candy of […]

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Reader DIY Valentines!

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone! Now I have a super exciting post coming up later today, but first I wanted to share with you these GORGEOUS Valentines from some lovely Pretty Fluffy readers. Inspired by Pretty Fluffy’s DIY: 5 Minute Valentine post, these readers ended up with some serious cases of the adorables on their hands. […]

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You Don't Know Love Until You Have Kids | Pretty Fluffy

"You Don't Know What Love Is Until You Have Kids"

It was like every other networking function I’ve ever been to. With a glass of champagne in one hand and a spring roll in the other I was desperately trying to figure out a way to inhale them both simultaneously when the introduction was made to another guest. The small talk started. Then the questions […]

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