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Dogs of the Blogs: Puppy Tales

I’m so happy to feature Lisa from Puppy Tales today. Her dogs are just the most adorable pups you will ever see, and her blog is a treasure trove of information, tips and fun… Who: Lisa, Cress and Eddie. Where: Puppy Tales In A Nutshell: Puppy Tales is devoted to the promotion of good relationships between […]

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What's Your Niche? | Pretty Fluffy

What’s your Niche?

What do you say when people ask you to define yourself? Do you say I’m… a teacher, a mum, a blogger, a cat lover? (Ok let’s be real here – we know no one admits to that last one!*Kidding*) If you’re a blogger do you say I’m a foodie blogger, a craft blogger, a wedding […]

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Bone & Soul Dog Grooming Range | Pretty Fluffy

Review: Bone & Soul from Big Bone

I have to admit, washing the dog has always been on my ‘not so fun’ lists of things to do on the weekend. Usually because I end up more covered in suds than Soda, and she always goes and rolls in the dirt afterwards making me feel like a complete failure. But I have to […]

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Carrie Underwood & Ace | Pretty Fluffy

Carrie Underwood & Ace

Even back in the days when Carrie Underwood was described by Simon Cowell as a “kitten who wanted to be a tiger” on American Idol, I adored her style. But since then this kitten has grown up, scored herself a swag of awards, and become a style icon in the process. A supporter of the […]

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Are you a Blog Reader or a Skimmer?

Hands up who is guilty of just reading blogs for the pictures? Me. Ok… well, I always read my go-to favourites, but sometimes all I manage is a short scan of everything else. A quick look at a yummy photo of a cake without reading the recipe… A glance at a sweet wedding pic without […]

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Springtime Style from Review

Looking to up the fashion stakes on your next Sunday stroll? I’m loving the latest springtime dresses from Review. Perfect for a sunshine filled walk with your favourite four legged friend. And just so they don’t feel left out, check out these limited edition beauties from Tolly & Applewood – these pops of colour will […]

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DIY Doggie Luggage Tag | Pretty Fluffy

DIY Doggie Luggage Tag

Nothing is sadder than leaving your favourite pooch behind when you head off on holiday. But with these super cute Pretty Fluffy DIY Doggie Luggage Tags, you can send off your fluffy friend in style! Simply download and print your tags, fill in your pup’s personal details and laminate. It’s never been easier to give […]

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Two Brunettes Custom Pet Portraits

I am LOVING these gorgeous Pet Portraits by the Uber Talented Carolynn at Two Brunettes. As well as being an absolute sweetheart, Carolynn has a fabulous knack for being able to capture a dog’s personality in print. To order just send in your photo, 3 words to describe your pooch, and voila! You get the […]

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What's New at Pretty Fluffy

First up I have to give HUGE shout outs to the wonderfully creative and patient Jo Klima from The Darling Tree. Throughout the design process she was amazingly warm, thoughtful and inspiring – and looking around at the results, I think she hit this one out of the park. Equally as important was the awesome […]

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