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Doggie Driza-Bone

It’s been raining off and on in my part of the world of late. The trouble with rain, is although it does come with that fresh rain smell, it also makes dog walking harder. It’s not so much me that I’m worried about, I can always find some cute gumboots or a patterened umbrella to […]

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Bird Ave Working Dog Print

This little gem stopped me in my tracks earlier this week when I was clickety clicking around Etsy. Who doesn’t love a working dog? The best part is it’s made with archival pigments that will last up to 200 years. Talk about a dog loving legacy! And to make it extra awesome the print is […]

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DIY Martha Stewart Pet Tags

Loving these cute Martha Stewart pet tags to add to your dog’s collar for a bit of fun! All you need is scissors, a hole punch and a magical little thing called Shrinky Dinks! MARTHA STEWART PET TAGS – TUTORIAL 1. Head on over to Martha Stewart to download the Pet ID tag template to your […]

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Do Dogs Like to Work?

I was at the airport the other day and was lucky enough to see one of the sniffer dogs doing the rounds at the arrivals gate. I love these dogs. I love how they wear vests that make them look all official, I love their floppy ears and most of all I love how these […]

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Jackie O & Molly | Pretty Fluffy

Jackie O & Molly

I’ve been a fan of Jackie O’s style for years. Like her famous namesake Jackie O (real name Jackie Henderson) has a classic sense of style, but always manages to be on trend and looking gorgeous in the process. With so much attention on the new addition to the family of late – an adorable baby […]

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I'Pawd - The IPAD for Dogs

My husband’s birthday is today and he really wants an Ipad 2. Do you think he’ll notice if I give him one of these instead? He’ll have to share it with Soda of course… And just quietly at $19 it’s a lot cheaper than an actual IPad 2. Available from Snooty Paws.

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Tolly & Applewood Launch!

Hands up who spent waaaay too much time on the internet last night? GUILTY. I have a good excuse though – the lovely Tolly & Applewood launched their fresh new brand yesterday and I clicked around like a kid in a candy store devouring every inch of their gorgeous new site. You may remember a few […]

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Midori Animal Clips

It’s official. Call off the search, return to base camp. We have officially discovered the cutest way to do your filing. Enter the Midori Animal D-Clip series. That’s right you can clip together your papers with a fluffy dog paperclip. Oh yes – office organisation just got a little bit fun and a whole lot […]

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