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Endless Ideas Journal by Bubby and Bean

Ideas. We all have em. But if you’re like me there’s nothing worse than scribbling down a brilliant idea onto a napkin or a ratty old bit of paper. Oh no that won’t do AT ALL. I need something pretty and cute to jot down my amazing brainwaves in. Lucky for me (and my ‘amazing […]

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Blanket ID Dog Tag Review | Pretty Fluffy

Review: 3 Reasons why you need blanketID

Every so often an idea comes along that seems to tick all the boxes. It’s like finding the perfect shoe – a killer heel that not only looks stunning, it also doesn’t leave you crippled by the end of the night. Well, Pretty Fluffies, blanketID may not be the perfect shoe, but it is the […]

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Martha Stewart Pets Goes International

Guess who now has international shipping? PetSmart featuring the new Martha Stewart Spring Line that’s who. So wherever you are in the world you can now order online all of these springtime goodies… From Top: Springtime Tug Toys I’m loving these ADORABLE Farmyard Tug Toys. They have all the cuddliness of a stylish stuffed soft […]

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Molly Mutt Eco-Friendly Dog Beds

As I’m sure many of your know tomorrow is Earth Hour*. So what better way to celebrate our earth than checking out some super cool eco-friendly products from the gorgeous Molly Mutt. The premise behind Molly Mutt is rather than throwing away your old dog bed when it gets a bit smelly or old, you […]

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Pretty Fluffy Inspiration

When I started this blog I really had no idea in what direction it would take me. Next month will mark 6 months of Pretty Fluffy and I’m happy to say I still adore bringing you this blog everyday – and even better more and more people seem to be enjoying Pretty Fluffy! For that […]

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Dog Cupcake Kit | Pretty Fluffy

DIY Sweet Chops Cupcakes + Giveaway!

Happy Monday Pretty Fluffies! I just have to share with you the fabulous DIY project I had fun with over the weekend – they’re called Sweet Chops Cupcakes. These little mail order kits come filled to the brim with everything you need to make decadent treats for your dog. That’s right in one little box […]

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Snub Luxury Dog Beds + Pillows

Snub. Snubbity snub snub. No I’m not going crazy (or make that becoming crazier…) I’m just completely smitten with a super cool new range called – wait for it – SNUB. To me the name Snub is a little bit hip, but a little bit cuddly as well. Which funnily enough is exactly what their […]

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Mutts and Hounds Dog Accessories

Why hello there ol’ chap! What’s with the cockney accent I hear you say? Well due the the gorgeous English feature we have today I’ve gone all Eliza Doolittle on you because I am so freaking excited about this new doggie find! So without further adeui let me introduce you to Mutts and Hounds – […]

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Anthropologie Favourites

With the gorgeous new bridal line BHLDN (Beholden), Anthropologie has completely stolen my heart of late. This dress in particular has been doing the rounds on the web and has many a girl (including myself) wishing for another wedding just so they can shimmy into the luxurious design…. But all daydreaming aside, I have to […]

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