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Pretty Fluffy Snooty Paws Giveaway

Happy Monday everyone! To cure that Monday-itis I have a brilliant little giveaway to share with you this morning. The lovely Snooty Paws is offering a $50 gift voucher for one lucky reader! And to win? It couldn’t be easier. Snooty Paws is your one stop shop for so many darling fluffy must-haves from around […]

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Rachel Bilson & Thurman Murman | Pretty Fluffy

Rachel Bilson & Thurman Murman

One of my favourite young Hollywood style icons is the gorgeous Rachel Bilson. Whether she’s walking a red carpet or walking the dog she always looks a-mah-zing. So it’s no surprise that her style had rubbed off on her super adorable mixed breed fluffy, Thurman Murman (CUTE NAME ALERT!) {Image Source: Just Jared} Want to […]

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Puppy Cubby

Sometimes a product comes along that makes me want a puppy just so I can buy it! The Puppy Cubby is one such product. Made from fully recycled, strong cardboard this little house is a perfect first bed option for a fluffy addition to any family. In the past the only choice for the new […]

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Fresh & Healthy Pet Treats

Did you know you can find healthy dog treats right inside your own fridge and pantry? In Part 2 of the Pretty Fluffy Healthy Eating in ’11 Guide we’re looking at Fresh & Healthy Pet Snacks that you can find in the fresh food sections of your supermarket. Just like our diets, fresher is better […]

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Gangs of New Yorkie Dog Collars

OK I’ll admit it. I like pink. But even for me there comes a time when I look for designs which have a little bit more bite to them, while still retaining a strong aesthetic and a dash of cuteness. Gangs of New Yorkie fits that brief to a tee. {Gangs of New Yorkie: They […]

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Keep Calm and Love Dogs

Ok so I know I won’t be winning any exclusive awards on this post, but I’ve become such a fan of the worldwide hit ‘Keep Calm’ phenomenon that I just had to share with you this fluffy range I found at the Etsy Keep Calm Shop. Because if anyone can share a way to keep […]

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Bottle Buddies Dog Toys

OK confession time. I only started recycling a few years ago – 4 to be exact. I don’t know what took me so long, but I have to say what I lacked in earlier years I make up for now in crazed recycling enthusiasm. So when the lovely Lisa from Puppy Tales sent over a […]

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Tuesday Shoesday

One of my guilty pleasures every Tuesday is jumping online to check out Tuesday Shoesday. Basically it’s a collective of stunning blogs that showcase the most amazing shoes every Tuesday – hence the impossibly cute name Tuesday Shoesday. So when I came across these gorgeous beauties on SALE at Zappos I knew I had to […]

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Valentines Day Dog Treats | Pretty Fluffy

DIY Valentine Treat Boxes

Now if you’re normally the type of person that feels sick to their stomach when you hear the acronym DIY, this post is for you. Just in time for Valentine’s Day I’ve come up with one of the most user friendly, easy peasy DIY projects – Doggie Valentine Treat Boxes. Because if anyone deserves a […]

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