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The Dog Food Secret

It’s the last day of January. How have your New Years Resolutions gone so far? Have you kept them or did they fade as quickly as your NYE hangover?
Well today your pooch gets a second chance with our Pretty Fluffy Healthy Eating in ’11 Guide. First Up: The Dog Food Secret… What do I feed my […]

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Kiss My Mutt Collars & Leashes

I’m a sucker for cute dog business names, and I fell hard when I came across Kiss My Mutt. A family run business, Kiss My Mutt’s motto is “to bring style, comfort and fun to dogs and dog owners alike.” And their range of pastel, braided collars and leashes are no exception. I could tell […]

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Accidents Happen

Many, many years ago when Soda was much younger, and admittedly I was a much younger, Soda was involved in a scary accident. It was a Sunday evening, and I had just moved into a new house the day before. In between unpacking boxes, and moaning about how tired I was, Soda and I played […]

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DOGA: Doggie Yoga

Have you ever taken your dog to ‘Doga’ – Doggie Yoga? Me neither. But thinking about it you realise dogs are natural Yogis. How else do you explain having a whole pose ‘Downward Dog’ named after them? But in all seriousness, many vets agree that Doga is great for you and your dog. It reduces […]

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Dogs of the Blogs: Pretty Fluffy

Welcome to a new post on Pretty Fluffy: Dogs of the Blogs. With so many wonderful blogs out there run by the owners of fluffy dogs, I thought this could be the perfect opportunity to meet and greet some new Pretty Fluffy friends, share their secrets and of course meet their favourite fluffy companions. First […]

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Cupcakes - Dog Birthday Party | Pretty Fluffy

DIY Dog Birthday Party : Soda's 10th Birthday!

Last weekend we celebrated a very special dog birthday party at our place – Soda turned 10. Considering she was moving into double digits I decided it was only fair to throw her a most awesome Soda themed 10th Birthday Party. So after a weekend of cupcakes and balloons, toys, treats and more toys I’m […]

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Kristin Davis Celebrity Pets | Pretty Fluffy

Kristin Davis & Momma and Sam

One of my most favourite storylines from Sex and the City was when Charlotte received her puppy, Elizabeth Taylor (née Princess Dandyridge Brandywine), as a present from Trudy Stork. That episode was a mix of the inspiring and the bittersweet. Not surprisingly the actress who played Charlotte, Kristin Davis, calls that story arc her favourite […]

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Doggylato - Gelato for Dogs!

One of my favourite things about creating Pretty Fluffy is all of the amazing, new things I get to hear about. Things that I would never have thought about in my wildest fluffy-puppy-filled dreams. Doggylato is one of those things. It all started when I saw free samples of gelato being handed out. “I like […]

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Top 10 Dog Names

One of my favourite games is coming up with names for the hypothetical dogs I’d like to own in the future. In my mind I have Butters and Scotch (two rambunctious, chocolate balls of fluff) and Lady Violet (a rescued Golden Retriever in her golden years). Add Soda into the pack and you can tell […]

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