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Review: The Dyson V11 for Pet Hair

Dog owners love a Dyson. But should you upgrade to the brand new Dyson V11 for pet hair? We've done our homework and have the answers!

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  • Magnesium Pet Spray

    A fur freshening spray that gives all the benefits of magnesium (think calm nerves, easing sore joints and promoting good sleep!) with the added bonus of combating doggie odours and repelling fleas.

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Superfoods for Senior Dogs

7 Superfoods for Senior Dogs

Health & Wellbeing

As your pup approaches their golden years, there’s no better time than to introduce these superfoods for senior dogs into their diet.

Just like us, as dogs age their nutritional needs vary. Keeping your senior dog’s weight at an optimum level as well as having a healthy balance of vitamins and minerals in their diet will ensure you are keeping them ship-shape for retirement.

We’ve chosen 7 of our favourite superfoods that have excellent health properties, especially for seniors, but can also be enjoyed by dogs at any age.

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