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Expert tips on how to do a dog cake smash and how to capture the perfect dog birthday photos - fuss free and budget friendly.

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Doggy Cake Smash: 7 Tips for the Perfect Photo

Forget babies. Doggie cake smashes are where it's at.

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  • Popcorn Bucket Toy

    This Interactive Burrow Toy is just $19.95 on SALE at Dizzy Dog Collars right now. Grab it while it’s hot!

  • Rainforest Dog Shirt

    Feel the tropical vibes with this doggo Rainforest Tee - on SALE at the Dapper Yapper for just $20!

  • Organic Manuka Ointment

    Generous natural nourishment for paws, nose and lips. Heals and protects with no nasty chemicals.

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DIY No Sew Dog Collar Sleeves

DIY Projects

Collar Sleeves are a fast and easy way to change up your dog’s fashion. Feeling extra snazzy? Just slide a DIY sleeve onto you dog’s collar and BAM (Emeril style, of course) you have brand new look.

These sleeves don’t require any sewing and just a small sliver of your time.

With so many options available from fabric, to sequins, to trim and ribbon PLUS all of the collars you already own – the possibilities are endless!

Click through to the full (and easy peasy) tutorial now.

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