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Photo Session: twoguineapigs

February 18th, 2011 |

I don’t know whether it’s because I grew up with the cute comic Fred Basset, but when I first saw today’s Photo Session by twoguinepigs Pet Photography my heart skipped a little beat.

Now I’ve explained before that I’m a sucker for a loveable name, so it came as no suprise that upon discovering twoguineapigs Pet Photography I was immediately smitten. A quick glance through the twoguineapigs site and you can quickly tell that photographer, Julianna Koh is an animal lover from way back. From Julianna:
How would you sum up your photography philosophy in one sentence?
Live and relive the moment – I meet, envisage, and tell your pet’s story through my pictures – simple.
Why did you become a pet photographer?
I’m nuts about animals, especially domesticated ones. And I am passionate about photography – actually, passionate is an understatement – I’m obsessed. I photograph anything but almost every second image I make there’s an animal in it.
What’s the best thing about being a pet photographer?
I get to share the moment and experience with both the pet and its human Mum or Dad – it’s can be an intimate thing. It’s also like being close to nature, animals are spiritual in the sense that they are so connected with the forces of nature.
What is your number one tip for people trying to photograph their own dog?
Don’t push it – ease into it and be respectful and sensitive to your dog’s mood at the time.
Why should people get professional photos of their dog?
Everyone is a photographer in one way or another – photography is getting more accessible and cheaper, equipment is getting more mechanically advanced and easier to use. But, you can’t both star in, photograph and experience a moment with your pet at the same time – I know that because I am a photographer and I photograph my own pets. Professional pet photographers are not like other professional photographers – they have experience working with animals and they have an intuition about the moods of your pets. These skills are invaluable when it comes to capturing moments – not to mention producing the finished images into albums, artwork and such. Moments are priceless. Pets are not around forever – you remember them from the moments and the photographs you have of them. Personally I think every pet should be photographed by a professional pet photographer at least once in their life.

I recently photographed 3 Basset Hounds. In this photoshoot (as with my photography), I captured and produced the images I felt best portrayed the experience at that time. I relied on my emotions and intuition when sharing the moment with the Basset Hounds – I recorded what I saw and felt the moods of the dogs at that time. The youngest of the lot Dora, being a puppy of 7 months, couldn’t help being very active, very ‘annoying’ to her oldest sibling, and very cute. The oldest hound, Bosco, couldn’t resist ‘telling her off’. And the middle Hound Hugo had the chance to be the biggest Star amongst the lot.

Aren’t they darling? To see more of these gorgeous bassets visit Julianna’s blog here. While you’re there don’t forget to check out her latest special: In honour of the Year of the Rabbit Julianna is offering half price pet photography sessions for bunnies for the entire year! For more fluffy goodness you can also follow her on Twitter here and Facebook here.

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