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Labrador Puppy Designer Umbrella by Kelly & Sam

May 31st, 2013

Labrador Puppy Umbrella by Kelly & Sam | Pretty Fluffy

We’ve been all about puppies this week, so I couldn’t help but share these adorable designer dog themed umbrellas from luxe Australian brand Kelly & Sam with you.

Puppy Umbrella by Kelly & Sam | Pretty Fluffy

The umbrella features a rubberised crook handle for a comfortable grip. The shaft of the umbrella is steel to provide extra strength and rigidity and is coated to protect against rust, while the ribs are fiberglass and the canopy teflon to offer the highest level of waterproof protection and wind resistance. Perfect for rainy day walks with your pup!

My favourite part would be the huge range of colours and designs these exclusive umbrellas come in – from Border Collies to Yorkshire Terriers, there’s something for every stylish dog owner.

Dog Umbrellas by Kelly & Sam | Pretty Fluffy

CLICK TO BUY or for more from Kelly & Sam visit their website.

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