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Harrods Pet Kingdom

June 5th, 2012

Remember how I promised you ‘a whole other post’ on Harrods Pet Kingdom? Well here it is! When I was originally planning my visit to London I knew there was no way I could visit merry old England without a stop by their famous pet centre.Β To say the Pet Kingdom is the pet goods area of the iconic British department store is a complete understatement. Here’s the Pretty Fluffy low-down:

Amazing Displays
Forget the famous window displays out the front, the Pet Kingdom displays showcase the very best pet products the UK has to offer and are a visual feast at the same time. When I visited they were all set up for the Jubilee and the floor was awash with a sea of red, white and blue.

Boutique Brands
Unlike many other department stores, which focus on large quantities of product from a small amount of retailers, boutique labels pop up throughout the kingdom, with fashionable retailers – such a Mungo and Maud – setting up permanent residence. Got a favourite leash, toy or bed you’re looking for? You’ll find it here.

Pet Fashion
Yes in Harrods Pet Kingdom there is a room for dog beds, a room (actually multiple rooms) for toys, and a room for bowls – but possibly the most awe inspiring room is the Pet Fashion room. Never before have I seen so many doggie outfits collected together in one place. From everyday wear, to winter coats, dress up costumes and footwear – every possible fashion need was covered. I swear this room has me this close to purchasing my first ever costume for Soda, I was so impressed! (Luckily my husband was there to remind me Soda does not appreciate costumes and any purchase would almost certainly wind up ripped to shreds before I could say ‘jet lag’.)

Harrods Product Line
This one is especially for the tourists, but what better way to remember your trip to the UK than with a Harrods’ branded doggie sweater, bed or bowl?

Canine Cookie Company
With a permanent bakery frontage within the store, the Canine Cookie Company has doggie cupcakes, cookies, treats and even ‘Pup-Corn’ on display. Personalised orders are welcome and the display cabinet is so good, you’d think it should be sent down to join the others in the famous Harrods Food Hall. To check out their range visit the Canine Cookie Company.

The Pet Store
This was the most interesting part of my visit. Back in the day, Harrods was known for selling all sorts of wild animals – from lions to panthers. Thankfully those days are behind them, however they do still sell a small amount of dogs and small animals there. While, in my personal opinion, I still feel pets should not be sold in stores, I have to say I was impressed the the current system Harrods has. Puppies in residence are walked throughout London’s many parks, trained and cared for by vetinerary nurses on staff, and are on display for strictly limited time periods. I actually met two pups on one of their many daily walks around the store. Secondly, to purchase a dog a prospective owner has to submit to an interview to determine their suitability to the specific dog, as well as having to prove their living situation can happily accommodate the pet in question. Now while rescues will have my heart any day of the week, this process really made me think. If these rules were implemented in every pet store, the world of animals would surely benefit.

The Pet Spa
The jewel in the Harrods Pet Kingdom! Fancy getting your dog washed, clipped, brushed, pampered and shined alongside the finest pooches in London? This is where to take them. With a clear, glass viewing display, dog owners and shoppers alike can see the talented staff at work making each and every dog pretty and fluffy! An inside tip is to look out for the groomers’ own dogs who are lucky enough to join their owners at work most days, becoming mini celebrities in their own right.

For more information about the Harrods Pet Kingdom and Spa visit Harrods Online.

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