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Luvocracy: A Girl’s Best Friend

February 18th, 2013

Serena Faber Nelson Luvocracy

This week, Sarah and I are over at Luvocracy sharing our favourite finds and revealing what makes a pet product A+ in our books. You can read our full interview here entitled ‘A Girl’s Best Friend‘ – it doesn’t get much sweeter than that I tell ya!

Luvocracy Pets

Have you heard of Luvocracy? Launched late last year, this brand spankin’ new site is all about shopping the best the web has to offer. Think of it as if Pinterest and Net-A-Porter got together, had some wine and then 9 months later out popped this little guy. Too much?

Well to put it simply, on Luvocracy you curate your own boards of products you ‘luv’ (just like Pinterest) but the spin is, every single item can be purchased there and then on the spot.

No outward links, no missing source, nope – everything on Luvocracy can be bought with one click. And just like every other social site, you can follow others to see their recommendations and people can follow you to check out your favourite picks. In three words – super easy online shopping. Oh no that was four.

Luvocracy pets dogs

Luvocracy Pets Fashion

And just for that cherry on top, you can actually collect rewards for every time someone makes a purchase through your recommendation. Yep – you get shopping rewards towards your next purchase on Luvocracy just for telling others what products you love.

Want more? You can visit Pretty Fluffy’s Luvocracy board here and sign up for an invitation to join. Just don’t blame me once you get addicted!

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