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Review: Tell Your Dog You’re Pregnant – An Essential Guide

May 10th, 2013 |
  • Tell Your Dog You're Pregnant Book Review | Pretty Fluffy
  • How to Tell Your Dog You're Pregnant | Pretty Fluffy
  • Tell Your Dog You're Pregnant Book Guide | Pretty Fluffy
  • Tell Your Dog You're Pregnant Book and CD Review | Pretty Fluffy
  • Tell Your Dog You're Pregnant Review | Pretty Fluffy
  • Tell Your Dog You're Pregnant | Pretty Fluffy
Copy: Serena Faber Nelson
Photography: Serena Faber Nelson

In our family of 3, it’s very well established that Soda is our baby. But what would we do if we had a real (non-furry) baby? How would that work? Enter Tell Your Dog You’re Pregnant – An Essential Guide for Dog Owners who are Expecting a Baby by veterinarian and animal behaviourist, Dr Lewis Kirkham.

Seriously, if you’re pregnant, planning to have children, or just want to understand how your dog relates to children, do yourself a favour and get this book.


Tell Your Dog You’re Pregnant is the ultimate guide for people expecting or trying for a baby and want to prepare their pet with minimal stress and change to their routines.

Filled with information, helpful tips and the latest behavioural knowledge, the book works from chapter to chapter walking you through the steps required to prepare your dog and your home for your new family member.


With 13 different tracks featuring sounds, ranging from crying and giggling to bath-time, the CD works with the book to prepare your dog for your baby’s arrival. With detailed instructions on how to introduce these sounds to your pet, you’re able to analyse how your dog responds and develop an approach of introducing a baby to the household that is specific to their needs.


In the first half of the book, a chapter is dedicated to busting myths surrounding babies and pets. Covering everything from “The dog will be jealous” to “The dog and the baby with instantly bond”, the guide allows you to see how preparation, observation and supervised interaction allows your dog to bond with your baby, all the while keeping safety as your number one priority.


Possibly my favourite part of the book was the attention placed on the welfare and happiness of your dog. The fact that the guide is about ensuring everyone’s needs are met – the parents, the dog and the baby – is its crowning glory.

We all know the story – a friend has a much loved dog that sleeps on their bed and is the apple of their eye, only to be banished to the backyard when the new baby comes along. No one wants to be that person.

Through detailed tips – including establishing routines with your dog, ensuring one on one time, and baby-proofing their toys and bowls – the guide allows you to make your dog a priority during the transition. No jealous elder siblings, just happy families!


  • Easy to understand step-by-step guide to preparing your dog for your new baby.
  • The original CD that contains 13 tracks to enable your dog to get used to baby sounds before their arrival.
  • Filled with real case studies from dog owners who have been through the experience of introducing their dog to their new baby.
  • High focus on safety for your new baby and your dog.
  • Suggested routines to ensure your dog’s mental and emotional health remains a priority during the transition.
  • Health tips to safeguard both your dog and baby’s well-being.
  • Handy guide for the day you bring your new baby home and beyond.


  • Unfortunately one case study in the book mentions the euthanasia of a healthy family dog due to aggression towards the owners and their new child. Here at Pretty Fluffy we DO NOT agree with euthanising pets for any reason other than their own pain levels and failing health. We strongly feel a focus on training, care and rehoming is a much better approach to dogs with aggression issues and would never agree with the euthanasia of a healthy pet.


  • Dog owners who are trying for or expecting a baby.
  • Dog owners who want to make their dogs more comfortable around babies and small children.
  • Parents of small children and babies looking to introduce a dog into their family.


Tell Your Dog You’re Pregnant by Dr Lewis Kirkham can be purchased through Baby and Pet as an E-Book with MP3 audio or hardcopy version with CD. CLICK TO BUY

For more information, FAQs and testimonials visit Baby and Pet.

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