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September 1st, 2013 |
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Copy: Serena Faber Nelson
Photography: Petal Photography
Styling: Serena Faber Nelson

Welcome back to the new look Pretty Fluffy! In the works for over 6 months, it’s with great joy and pride that we welcome you back to our new look site.

Since embarking on the Pretty Fluffy journey nearly three years ago, I’ve been so lucky to meet so many wonderful people – from pet industry professionals, to passionate start up business owners, to every day dog owners who love their dogs as part of the family.

This site has brought people into my life that have opened a whole new world to me. People like you. Whether I’ve met you in real life, or exchanged the odd tweet, or chatted with you in the comments…discovering people who love their dogs as much as life itself has made my everyday world that much brighter.

That’s why today I’m so pleased to introduce to you our brand spanking new look. We’ve got new features, new topics and a few bells and whistles which I’ll go into below, but our core values remain the same.

Pretty Fluffy is all about pet friendly living. We want you to live your best life, and we want your dog to as well. We’re not all going to be the same here. Some of you may love to DIY for your pups, others may come to discover new toys to add to their ever growing collections…We’re all unique, and so are our dogs. Pretty Fluffy is all about celebrating the bond we have with our dogs and relishing the time we have together.


The biggest differences you’ll notice in the new site is how we’ve categorised our posts into main topics and sub headings to make it easier to find. Want to check out some pet photography? Now you can see it all in one spot. Looking for the latest and hottest pet products? Trends & Shopping have you covered. With handy thumbnails (often featuring the cutest of cute dogs!) you can see content at a glance without having to scroll through millions of pages at a time.

With the new look also comes new topics. Our new Behind the Brand series will give you all access backstage passes to some of the best pet brands in the industry. Here you’ll hear all about how they started and what inspires them in an exclusive behind-the-scenes look into their corner of pet industry.

Our Home Tours will go back to basics, getting an inside look at stylish pet friendly homes across the world. From handy tips on everything from interior design to pet ย food storage, this new series is all about getting a glimpse into the tips and tricks for living well with pets.

With our Product Reviews and Latest Trends columns we’ll also be focusing on putting the latest hot products through their paces to let you know what we truly recommend for ultimate dog lovers. You’ll find more articles on health and wellbeing for your four legged friends, as well as dedicated posts to tips and training to help you in the everyday life as a dog owner.

In addition favourites such as Pet Photography, DIY Projects, Cruelty Free Living and our regular columns will remain constant features.


Easily our favourite feature of the new site are our Shopping Guides. Here you’ll find the best of the best vendors for the discerning dog owner. From collars to beds to grooming, we’ve got you covered with vendors across the globe. We’ll be continuing to add to our guides and expanding them as we grow, so if you ever have a recommendation for a category or vendor get in touch.

In addition, on our front page you’ll find ‘Shop Pretty Fluffy’. With so many new products bursting onto the scene daily, our shop allows you to see what the Pretty Fluffy team is coveting right now. The best part? With just one click you can buy it yourself. Consider us your fluffy personal shoppers!

Last but definitely not least are our ‘Resources’ in the right hand column. These resources are all about giving tips, and go-to guides for making life with your dog easier and sweeter. We’ll continue to build on these in the coming year, with new resource releases planned for every quarter.


Last but definitely not least, the new Pretty Fluffy is all about YOU + YOUR DOG. I want you to know our door is always open (as is our doggy door). You can always contact us and there’s nothing I’d love more to include more readers in the pages of Pretty Fluffy. From Dogs at Weddings, to Dogs of the Blogs, or Pet Friendly Home Tours – we want you!

Because without you Pretty Fluffy wouldn’t exist. I’d just be this lady (with dogs instead of cats).


It would be remiss of me to not send huge shout outs to the women who have made this new site possible.

Our features writer, Sarah Dickerson from Chic Sprinkles, has literally worked herself to the bone designing the new Pretty Fluffy. From Soda’s heart warming logo, to every single design element on every single page Sarah’s master vision created it. I know I’ve sung Sarah’s praises many times before, but on this project she has truly exceeded all expectations. Never before have I worked with someone who has such incredible vision, attention to detail and a genuine passion for all things dog. Working with Sarah has been a dream; and her grace and wisdom go beyond her years. After meeting through Pretty Fluffy no more than two years ago, I’m truly honoured to call Sarah a dear friend. I’m so pleased Sarah and her trusty sidekick, Coco Bean, will remain as part of Pretty Fluffy with lots of new posts to come later this month.

If there was any doubt about girl power in web development and coding, Madeleine Burke would be the answer. I’ll admit it, one of the things that attracted me to hiring Madeleine to develop the new Pretty Fluffy was the fact that her website was hot pink. It would have also been that she’s a total gun in web development AND a talented web designer to boot, but the pink pushed me over the line. Working with Madeleine has been the answer to my technically challenged prayers. Nothing has ever been too hard, she never made me feel like my questions were too stupid (and lets be honest some of them probablyย were!); and she’s built possibly the most beautifully functioning website from back end to front end I have ever seen. Oh and did I mention she has the most adorable five month old Pug named Wilma? There is nothing not to love about this lovely lady.

Rose from Petal Photography brilliantly captured my fluffy family of three for our launch. Despite Soda being a complete diva, she managed to make us all look good and I can’t thank her enough for the treasured keepsake images we have from her inspired photography session.

Last but definitely not least (why is this sounding like an Academy Award speech? They’d totally be playing the music now to get me off stage) I can’t finish up without saying thank you to my furry muse, Soda, and my husband, Andy. Without either of them I’d never have the confidence or the inspiration to make this site a reality. They’re my soul mates.


One last final note, is to make sure you sign up to our Pretty Fluffy Newsletter up the top. Cross my fluffy heart your inbox will never be spammed – that aint Soda’s style. It’s going to be released only when we have new resources, giveaways or important announcements; and believe me you won’t want to miss it.

And don’t forget you can always follow us on Bloglovin and play along for extra content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Please enjoy the new Pretty Fluffy. We’ve created it for you to enjoy, discover and be inspired to live the best pet friendly life you can. All that’s left to do, is live it. Woof!

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