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Behind the Brand: Mungo & Maud

September 17th, 2013 |
  • Mungo & Maud Behind the Brand | Pretty Fluffy
  • Mungo & Maud Behind the Brand | Pretty Fluffy
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Copy: Serena Faber Nelson
Photography: Serena Faber Nelson // Laurence Haskell // Thomas Stewart

Visiting the flagship store of Mungo & Maud in Belgravia, London, is a must for any discerning dog owner. The light filled store, with luxurious vintage styling, evokes a feeling that every item is a one of a kind treasure hand picked just for you.

When you walk in the terrace on Elizabeth St, for a second you could think you were in a high end home store or apothecary boutique. Yet as you take in the carefully crafted crochet toys, luxe beds, and designer collars and leads you realise you’ve entered a very special type of doggie (and cat) heaven.

With their focus on dog and cat accessories for the contemporary home, co-founders Michael and Nicola Sacher, have created in Mungo & Maud a new concept in pet accessories and apparel. Each piece is crafted to be aesthetically pleasing, durable in nature (they are pet products after all!) and timeless in design. Welcome to a brave new world of pet luxury.

Behind the Brand

Names: Michael & Nicola Sacher
Title & Company: Co-Founders of Dog & Cat Outfitters, Mungo & Maud
Flagship Location: Belgravia, London

Tell us about the evolution of Mungo & Maud. What inspired the brand?

Michael: Mungo & Maud was created at our kitchen table and has evolved quite considerably since then….mostly since our table was chewed up by our first dog George, the inspiration for our brand.

We launched Mungo & Maud with our store in Belgravia, London and mainly with products that we sourced from around the globe. We now design and produce our own label and sell through our three stores, webstore and through other international retailers such as Barneys, New York & The Conran Shop, to name a few.

You both had highly successful careers prior to Mungo & Maud. What lead you to creating a boutique pet brand?

Nicola: Michael came from a retail & financial background and I from a creative background. We were both at a stage where it felt relevant to brave starting up our own business in an idea that we strongly believed in. It was unstoppable somehow.

Tell us about the dogs behind the inspiration of Mungo & Maud.

Nicola: George, our beloved English Setter was truly the inspiration for Mungo & Maud. He was so serene, elegant and sensitive and was the perfect muse, I am not sure Mungo & Maud would have existed without him.

Our new 1 year old puppy ‘Rupert’, also an English Setter, is still uncoordinated, crashes into everything but loving and fearless all at the same time. Having a young dog has inspired me creatively as if I am starting out all over again whilst our brand evolves.

Who is the Mungo & Maud customer?

Michael: Anyone with a discerning eye.

Your flagship store is based in Elizabeth Street, Belgravia – alongside the likes of Philip Treacy and Peggy Porschen. Tell us about what went into choosing this location…

Michael: The location took a while to find but we fell in love with the store on a random Sunday walk with the dog. It had such charm and we were immediately drawn to it. The street is full of character and has a village feel to it which we felt fitted in with our aesthetic.

Do you have a pet friendly workplace?

Nicola: Rupert comes to the office every day. He is not as good as our other employees but getting there. His size pretty much rules out any other creatures coming on board so it doesn’t turn into a zoo….however four-legged visitors are always welcome.

What’s the best thing about your job?
Michael: I work with my wife.
Nicola: I work with my husband.

What’s the hardest thing about your job?
Michael: I work with my wife.
Nicola: I work with my husband.

What has been the highlight for Mungo & Maud to date?

Michael: The journey itself has been very exciting. There are always twists and turns and each stage creates excitement. We enjoyed our collaboration too with Yasmin le Bon and our pop-up store at Merci, Paris.

What do you look for in a good pet brand or product?

Nicola: Originality. Quality and a continuing sense of style.

What advice would you give dog owners to look for in a good pet brand or product?

Nicola: Everyone is an individual and will be drawn to products that suit their own taste and lifestyle; it is not for me to judge. I like to think that Mungo & Maud would tempt even the most discerning of humans.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to create their own pet brand?

Nicola: Take one deep breath, one billion original creative thoughts, one big cheque book and an endless amount of love for what you truly believe.

What does the future hold for Mungo & Maud?

Michael: We will continue to grow globally as opportunities arise, whilst at the same time being true to our brand identity.

What are your top picks from the latest Mungo & Maud collection?

Nicola: I adore our ‘Amalfi’ Leads & Collars Collection and can’t wait for our new collection of cashmere & merino wool pullovers to arrive early October.


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