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DIY: Canine Wine Toppers

In need of a fun gift for your fellow dog…

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Dogs at Weddings | Pretty Fluffy

Dogs at Weddings: Mike, Stacie & Mali

There’s nothing like a couple that includes their favourite pup…

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DIY Dog Treat Pinata | Pretty Fluffy

DIY Dog Treat Puppy Piñata

It really doesn’t get much more fun than a DIY…

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Dog Birthday Party with Dog Treat Pinata | Pretty Fluffy

Black + White Dog Birthday Party

This year I decided to celebrate Soda’s 12th birthday with…

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DIY Advent Calendar | Pretty Fluffy

Easy DIY Christmas Advent Calendar + FREE Printabl...

Nothing says the start of the holiday season like a…

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Outtakes from our Birthday Shoot!

A bit of fun for your morning – what do…

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Coco’s Birthday Weekend - Part II

Cake on the beach? Count me in, every time. Throw…

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Dogs of the Blogs: Urban Flip Flops

Do you ever get a big smile on your face…

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Dogs of the Blogs: Best Friends for Frosting

If you’re a fan of sweet treats, discovering the blog…

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DIY Puppy Party | Pretty Fluffy

Puppy Birthday Party

When I received this adorable Puppy Birthday Party from Pretty…

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