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Marc by Marc Jacob Olive Animal Graphic Tote | Pretty Fluffy

Marc by Marc Jacob Olive Animal Graphic Tote

Loving this funky dog print tote by Marc Jacobs. The…

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Review: Custom SilhouPETte Cufflinks

I love holiday shopping for friends and family, and finding…

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Holiday Gift Guide - For the Dog Lover

Holiday Gift Guide: For the Dog Lover

Lucky last in our holiday gift guides is all about…

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Once Upon a Blog

Dogs of the Blogs: Once Upon a Blog

There are some blogs that grab your attention the first…

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Pretty Fluffy Shopping Guides

NEW! The Pretty Fluffy Shopping Guides

As a long time dog owner, you know typing in…

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I Love Dogs Tote by Romy & Jacob | Pretty Fluffy

I Love Dogs Tote by Romy & Jacob

Why wear your heart on your sleeve when you can…

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Mochi & Jolie Dog Watches

I don’t wear watches usually. Call me Gen Y (although…

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Dogs of the Blogs: Canines & Couture

If you ever find yourself going to a blog conference,…

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Labrador Puppy Designer Umbrella by Kelly & Sam

We’ve been all about puppies this week, so I couldn’t…

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Pooch Posse Cardigan - Anthropologie | Pretty Fluffy

Pooch Posse Cardigan by Anthropologie

Wear your heart on your sleeve? Then why not wear…

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