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The Lounge Collar by Blanket ID | Dog Collar ID Tag | Pretty Fluffy

NEW! The Lounge Collar by Blanket ID

  Hands up who takes their dog’s collar off when…

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Emmy Awards Inspired Dog Accessories | Pretty Fluffy

Emmy Inspired Dog Accessories

Can I get a holler for the 65th Primetime Emmy…

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Soul Mate ID Tags by Blanket ID

For most our dogs, their ID tags just say ‘Rover’…

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Luvocracy: A Girl's Best Friend

This week, Sarah and I are over at Luvocracy sharing…

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Paul Frank Pet Products by 26 Bars & a Band

Photography by Tonya Pet Photography Paul Frank Pet Products? Yes…

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Fuzzyard Dog Tags

Looking for a pop of colour to add to your…

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Hot News: American Preppy Style

Although I’m Australian born and bred, I have to say…

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Carrie Underwood & Ace | Pretty Fluffy

Carrie Underwood & Ace

Even back in the days when Carrie Underwood was described…

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DIY Dog Tags

DIY Martha Stewart Pet Tags

Loving these cute little tags to add to your dog’s…

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Blanket ID Dog Tag Review | Pretty Fluffy

Review: 3 Reasons why you need blanketID

Every so often an idea comes along that seems to…

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