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Top 4 Aussie Cruelty Free Products | Pretty Fluffy

4 Aussie Cruelty Free Products You Need to Try

One of the best parts of living in Australia is…

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An Organized Make Up Station

GUEST POST Hello hello Pretty Fluffies! Today I’m over at…

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Top 6 Cruelty Free BB and CC Creams | Pretty Fluffy

6 Cruelty Free BB & CC Creams You Should Try Today

BB and CC creams are the bomb. The Blemish/Beauty Balms…

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Ho much do you love animals | Pretty Fluffy

How much do you really love animals?

Lately I haven’t been feeling good enough. I love animals….

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Top 5 Cruelty Free Body Scrubs | Pretty Fluffy

Top 5 Cruelty Free Body Scrubs

Who doesn’t love a Cruelty Free Body Scrub? Nobody that’s…

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Luvocracy: A Girl's Best Friend

This week, Sarah and I are over at Luvocracy sharing…

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Dog Lovers Christmas Gift Guide | Pretty Fluffy

A Pretty Fluffy Gift Guide: For the Girls

Now that we got yesterday’s gifts for him out of…

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Cruelty Free & Non-Toxic Body Products

Hi Pretty Fluffies! Since launching our new column on Cruelty…

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Top 5 Cruelty Free Body Lotion | Pretty Fluffy

Cruelty Free Beauty: Top 5 Body Lotions

As the title suggests today is all about Cruelty Free…

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Handmade Wool Dog Toys Review | Pretty Fluffy

Review: Cuddle & Play Wool Toys from FitDog

What do you look for when toy shopping for your…

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