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Dogs At Weddings: The Rulebook

I have to say I’m pretty excited about this upcoming weekend. I’m going to the wedding of a very special friend of mine and I’m literally buzzing with excitement. You see, I love a good wedding…whether it’s a timeless ballroom event full of twinkling chandeliers and glistening crystal, or a rustic farmyard gathering with homemade cookie favors and glowing outdoor lanterns…They’re all about love and happiness that just sets my heart aflutter. Which is why when you add dogs into the mix I’m in my own personal heaven…

{Images from Top: Jose Villa Photography via Style Me Pretty, Jen Curtis Photography via Wedding Chicks, Brightwood Photography via Style Me Pretty}

Going to have your dog at your wedding? These 3 simple steps will have your nuptials fluffy friendly in no time…
{1} Assign a dog handler for the day. Not your hubby to be, your mum, your best man or your maid of honour – they have their own jobs to do on the day! Whether it’s a professional or a friend, it just needs to be someone your dog is comfortable with so you can relax knowing your pup is happy and in safe hands while you’re off enjoying your day.
{2} Let people know that your dog will be a guest of honour. This includes your celebrant, your photographers and any guests you know may not be comfortable around pooches. When I got married we actually introduced our photographer to our dog during our engagement session, just so everyone was comfortable – including our dog.
{3) Remember why your dog is there! In the lead up to your wedding you may have a few traditionalists say a wedding is no place for a dog. If I had collected $1 for every time someone said that Soda was going to jump on me and ruin my dress…well I’d be a very wealthy crazy dog lady. But guess what? Soda was perfectly behaved all day. If you want your dog to be part of your wedding make no apologies for it – they are part of your family after all and you deserve to have them there to cheer you on.

{Images from Top: Bailey by Savvy Studios Photography, Christian Oth Photography via Style Me Pretty}

What do you think about dogs at weddings?
Did you have your dog at your wedding, or do you plan to?

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