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Wet Nose Fotos Pet Photography Workshops

July 11th, 2013

Wet Nose Fotos Photography Workshops | Pretty Fluffy

I totally need this. One of our much loved pet photographers, Shannon Plummer from Wet Nose Fotos is now teaching pet photography in 2 day workshops jam-packed with tips and tricks to help you become a better pet photographer.

With overs 7 years professional animal photography experience the two day course is a must for anyone wanting to take better photographs of their own pets or are considering embarking on pet photography as a career or hobby.

No matter what your level of skill, the uber-talented Shannon will give you advice from start to finish on how to get those perfect, professional photos at home. The only thing that’s left up to you is when to start annoying all of your facebook friends with the amazing photos you take.

Wet Nose Fotos Photography Workshops | Pretty Fluffy

In the course groups are left small to allow one-on-one time to learn skills in all facets of photography, including composition, lighting, exposure, aperture/shutter speed/ISO, depth of field and much more.

The workshop is a balance of learning, networking, and fun with high levels of hands-on tuition in-the-field. The best part? Oh I don’t know, how about the fact that Shannon arranges real life rescue dogs to be your supermodels for the day! That’s right, not only are you learning, your photos are helping save lives – how many 2 day workshops can you say that about? (Uh – except maybe for a CPR one. But they don’t get to play with puppies.)

With a split focus on shooting and then editing your photos, the workshop also incorporates the all important post-processing stage to really make your pet photos shine. Participants also get to take home a 120 page pet photography guide to ensure everything they learn stays with them long after the two days are complete.

If you’ve always wanted to learn more about photography, I can’t think of a more fun and rewarding way to do so. Plus it means you’ll never be lost for gorgeous photos of your own dog.

I’ll totally be putting my hand up for this workshop when it next comes to Sydney!

Wet Nose Fotos Photography Workshops | Pretty Fluffy


Shannon’s next 2 day workshop is Melbourne in August – hurry only 3 spots are left!

For more details and to book your spot visit or contact Shannon Plummer directly:

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