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Help Needed! Finding Kale’s Family

April 9th, 2013

Found Dog - Help Find his Family - Email Sarah Dickerson at

We need your help! Please share this post with anyone and everyone you know.

This gorgeous man, barely a year old, was found by Pretty Fluffy features writer, Sarah Dickerson, over the weekend in the Daytona Beach/Port Orange, Florida area. Sarah’s desperately trying to find his owners and considering the area in which he was found is a high tourist traffic destination, his owners could literally be from anywhere. Someone out there must be missing him, so please share his picture far and wide to help find his owners.

Found Dog - Help Find his Family - Email Sarah Dickerson at

From Sarah:

On the way to breakfast yesterday, my husband and I spotted this young man prancing near a high traffic intersection, without a collar or any ID. We hurried and pulled off the road to call over to him. He happily skipped towards us and jumped in the backseat. After scouring the neighboring streets and asking around, nobody seemed to know him, so we brought him home.

He’s still a pup, so he needs a little bit of polishing up on his manners (i.e. when it comes to protecting his toys or food) otherwise he is a perfect gentleman! He can sit and lay down on command, and is very laid back and super obedient. Really, just an awesome dog. Someone out there must be missing him. I know I would be a complete mess if Coco were to ever go missing. I shudder at the thought.

We have named him Kale while he is here with us (yes, like the veggie) and it suits him well. I am on a mission to find his family, and I would love your help! Since the Daytona Beach and Port Orange areas are very touristy, it’s quite possible that this little man could be from anywhere. Feel free to spread the word, and hopefully we can get this sweetie back to his loved ones.

And obviously he is a natural infront of the camera. How great are his poses? Handsome.

Found Dog - Help Find his Family - Email Sarah Dickerson at

Sarah can be contacted here if you have any information, or can offer assistance.

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