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Designer Doggie Heaven: SuperZoo 2013

August 1st, 2013

Want to be first to see what’s next big thing for dogs? Last week the pet world descended upon Las Vegas for SuperZoo – the ultimate expo for pet retailers. We asked our friend and pet industry professional, Rebecca Martin (founder of Remy and Co.) to share her favourite finds…

Las Vegas – two words that conjure up bright lights, The Strip, roulette tables and the movie, The Hangover. So, who would have thought it would be host to SuperZoo – a National Show for Pet Retailers.

Held over three days with over 1,500 booths, this huge event caters for every pet from our cute and cuddly kitties and pooches through to tiny turtles and slithering snakes. I hit the streets (the aisles have names like Rodeo Drive, Groomer’s Court and Nature’s Pathway) to see what SuperZoo had to offer.

Despite my fascination with Critter Alley, which was full of reptiles, birds, lizards and turtles, I spent lots of time checking out what was trending and new, or just plain great for our pooches (or for our souls).

With such a huge show and so many gorgeous products to look, touch and feel, I had to focus as it was very easy to get distracted. I think you will love the top products I found – some are for you and some are for your pooch.

Romy & Jacob - Best Picks of SuperZoo 2013 | Pretty Fluffy


Tell the world you love your pup with these divine cushions. I couldn’t decide between the cute dachshund print or J’adore les chiens. These are right up my doggie alley and can easily adorn any home. If only my bags had been bigger for the trip back…….

For more visit Romy & Jacob

Cardthartic  - Best Picks of SuperZoo 2013 | Pretty Fluffy


We all know how hard it is to find that perfect gift card. Well look no further. Designer Jodee has an amazing talent for selecting photography and creating just the message you wish you could have written yourself – and the great news is her range features our fav pooches, kitties and horses. From fun uplifting messages through to heart wrenching condolences, you will find a card for every moment in life.

For more visit Cardthartic

Glam Gear collars  - Best Picks of SuperZoo 2013 | Pretty Fluffy


Does your pooch need a bit of glam in their life? The girls at Gwen Gear have done it again. What a sucker I am for a sparkly collar and lead. This new collection is just perfect for that wedding or party where you want your pooch to shine. With matching leads, your pup is set to be the star of the show. The huge range of colours means there will surely be one to match your big day.

For more visit Gwen Gear in the US or Remy and Co. in Australia.

Fellip Pet Bowls  - Best Picks of SuperZoo 2013 | Pretty Fluffy


If you have been in search of the perfect dog bowl, look no further. Imagine my delight when I came across the stunning range of designer dog bowls designed by Fellip. Finally, I have found stylish dog bowls that I would be proud to have in my kitchen.

With beautiful styles to decide between from the Kristal Collection to the Kaleido Collection, I wanted to sneak them into my suitcase and bring them home. Dishwasher safe and stylish – you have to check these out.

For more visit Fellip

Mochi & Jolie  - Best Picks of SuperZoo 2013 | Pretty Fluffy


Now, an area of pooch wear that is not on my radar is dog clothing. I have two whippets and their apparel consists of fleecy winter coats to ward of the cold and that is about it. But………I have to say if I had a cute pair of Maltese like Mochi and Jolie, I would be seriously tempted to start a wardrobe for my Best Furry Friend. These dresses are so pretty and well made. Designer Maggie uses exquisite fabrics and beautiful embellishments, So, even if you are not into them it’s hard not to admire them.

For more visit Mochi & Jolie

 - Best Picks of SuperZoo 2013 | Pretty Fluffy


One trend that definitely had the cameras out and the heads turning at the show is the creative colouring of our faithful hounds. Products such as blowpens, vegetable dyes, crystals and feathers made our four legged friends the stars of the show. I’m not sure I could get away with styling my whippets like this.

So after a fab show, my sore feet and I are excited about the amazing products we have found but even happier to head home for a bit of puppy love (and a bit of internet shopping for some of our favourite finds.)

AUTHOR: Rebecca Martin is the owner of Remy and Co. – an online boutique of designer dog collars and leads consisting of collections from Australia and overseas.

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