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Welcome Back to Pretty Fluffy!

September 12th, 2011

Why hello there! Remember me?  I was the eternally optimistic girl who said she’d see you in a few weeks with a brand new Pretty Fluffy. Well as you can see by that handy little thing we call a calendar those few weeks have turned into a few months. Leaving you guys without your daily fluffy intake for quite a long time! So first and foremost, an apology. But secondly, take a look around and welcome to the brand new Pretty Fluffy!

Why the need for a redesign? Well a few months ago I decided to take Pretty Fluffy in a new direction. This had been coming for a while and just like any new blogger I was discovering my voice and identity online.  But like any journey of substance I got a little lost along the way in an effort to provide fresh content on a daily basis, and started to question my true intentions for blogging. I found I wasn’t happy with just posting anything and everything related to dogs. I didn’t want to send out uninspired content just to fill up that big white space sitting in front of me when I sat down at the computer.

So Pretty Fluffy 2.0 was born. On here I can promise you there will never be a ‘filler’ post. Every post on here will be about inspiring you, making you smile, and brightening your day. There will be a mix of the pretty and the fluffy.

I’d like to think of the new site as a daily stop for smiles and inspiration. When I think of the new Pretty Fluffy I’m reminded of the quote “My goal in life is to be as good of a person my dog already thinks I am.”

Of course there will be the Daily Fluffy to get your fix of cute, dogs products and branding for the stylish dog owner, but there will also be a focus on living the best life you can, enjoying and loving your home, spreading goodness throughout your life and celebrating all the fun and fluffy dogs the world has to offer.

So I hope you enjoy taking a look around my new digs! But stay tuned, later on today I’ll be sharing all the new features of the site and exciting new projects to come.


IMAGES: (Clockwise from top left) Lisa Lefkowitz via Style Me PrettyAnna Aden Photography, Pretty Fluffy, EE Photography & Amanda Marie Portraits via Style Me Pretty, Pretty FluffyAndrea Dozier Photography

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