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Twelve Before 2012

October 18th, 2011

Completely and utterly inspired by Oh Hello Friend’s Twelve Before 2012 project, I’m jumping in with the 12 things I hope to achieve before the New Years bells start to chime. It’s a very scary thing posting this list on the ol’ interwebz… Because there’s no way I can not NOT achieve these things now that they’re out there in the open. In one way I’m opening myself up to complete failure – I haven’t made it easy for myself…some of these require a bit of work, and some may involve tears (to be fair I have been known to cry after visits to the hairdresser). But in another way I’m pretty stoked to hopefully achieve some of these goals I’ve had loitering around in my mind for ages (especially considering one involves cake!!) Here we go!

1. Get theΒ Shopping Guides on Pretty Fluffy ready to go!
2. Finally post that Doggie DIY Project I’ve been thinking about for months…
3. Make some home made treats for Soda – yum, yum!
4. Celebrate my 2nd Wedding Anniversary with my lovely husband.
5. Get some Rachel Bilson inspiredΒ highlights for summer.
6. Start writing guest posts for other lovely bloggers out there – anyone want one?
7. Start going to Pump class again before my arms muscles turn to mush.
8. Finish planning our European Vacation for 2012 – Oui Oui!
9. Teach Soda a new trick.
10. Learn how to make THIS, THIS, or THESE.
11. Have a weekend getaway with NO iphones, laptops or TV.
12. Finish reading my ever growing book pile.

Got any advice or words of encouragement for me? Wanna join in the fun? Visit the original post and call to action here. The whole idea is for everyone to jump in and support one another. I would LOVE to hear if any of you have Twelve before 2012 that you would like to do. I’ll be back before the end of the year to report on my progress. Fingers crossed!!!

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