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It’s our 2nd Birthday! (And a Surprise Announcement)

November 14th, 2012

It all started with this post.

Since then, we’ve come a long way, but I’m proud to say we’re still all about the pretty and the fluffy.

Since launching this blog two years ago we’ve made Puppy Cupcakes, we’ve Kept Calm and Loved Dogs, we’ve made No Bake Treats, celebrated a Puppy’s First Christmas, Trick or Treated, met a bunch of Dogs of the Blogs, and made No-Sew Doggie Bow Ties for Dogs at Weddings.

We’ve stolen the style of celebrities and their dogs – including Blake Lively and Penny, Rachel Bilson and Thurman Murman, and Olivia Palermo and Mr Butler.

We’ve raved over fab canine brands such as Bocce’s Bakery, Blanket ID, Mungo & Maud, Gangs of New Yorkie, Diesel + Juice, PAW by Blackmores, Luxemutt, Puppylocks, SilhouPETte, and many more. We celebrated Aussie brands as well including the fabulous Best in Park, Sweet Chops, FuzzYard, Pooccio, Hey Pup!, DOGUE, Tolly & Applewood, Wellbeing for Dogs, and Sculpture by Teangi.

We’ve drooled over gorgeous photoshoots, and given tips on how to take your dog’s own photo at home. We’ve made DIY Dog Bowls, 5 Minute Valentines, DIY Luggage Tags, Paw Print Wall Art, At Home Medical Kits, and Backyard Cinemas.

We’ve said hello to a new writer Sarah, and welcomed new columns on Cruelty Free Living.

We’ve featured over 400 Daily Fluffies, which equates to around 1209 smiles, 672 laughs and 3009 days improved.

We’ve loved rescue dogs, busted myths about Pit Bulls, launched The 13 Project and featured hundreds of homeless dogs here and one our social media pages. We’ve been featured on I Heart Organizing, MamaMia, Hope 103.2, Dogs Life Magazine, Polka Dot Bride, Little Bits of Lovely and many more!

What’s in store for year 3 and beyond? I’m excited to say it’s just going to get better! I can announce today that Pretty Fluffy will be releasing our first eBook next month, and we’ve got not one but three new features we’ll be adding to the site in 2013. We’ve got a boatload full of new DIY projects, photo sessions, hot products, celebrities and home tips for you to sink your teeth into. 2013 is going to be bigger, better, prettier and fluffier. We cannot wait to share it all with you!

So, from the bottom of my heart, Pretty Fluffies THANK YOU for your support over the last two years. Your comments, tweets, likes, emails and smiles are what keep me going through the long nights, weekend shoots, computer crashes, hackers and all the realities of managing a blog. Here’s to 2 years of fluffy friendship and to many more to come!

As a special birthday wish – tell me, what has been your favourite post to date on Pretty Fluffy?

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