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The 13 Project – Join Me!

September 28th, 2012

Is it just me, or as someone who cares about animals, do you get a little overwhelmed with all of the groups, causes and individuals out there that need your help? I sometimes get so overwhelmed I start to feel like things are completely hopeless.

Some days it seems for every photo I see of a rescue dog going to their new home, I see ten more to take their place in the shelter.

There are times when I think, if I was more influential… wealthier… better connected… I could make more of a difference. That little voice inside my head tells me no matter how hard I try I’m just one person. And one person can’t make a difference.

Well I’m here today to tell that voice they’re wrong. One person can make a difference, and I want YOU to join me. Join me in The 13 Project.


The 13 Project is a Pretty Fluffy initiative that involves 13 acts of kindness towards animals before 2013. Inspired by my involvement in last year’s 12 before 2012 project, I wanted to make the tail end of 2012 count. We have exactly 13 weeks left of this year, so what better way of embarking on a list of 13 achievable and worthy goals before the year is out.

To join, all you have to do is come up with a list of up to 13 ways you can help animals before the end of 2012. You don’t need to be a millionaire, you don’t need to have a website, or be a member of a rescue organisation…All you need is the desire to make a difference. If you’re time poor, make your list just one goal – or 3 or 5 things.

I can’t stress enough, this project is NOT about being perfect. I wish I could be a foster parent, but my living situation just doesn’t allow it. I’d love to have a regular day where I volunteer at my local shelter, but my work schedule means that’s not possible. But, despite all this, I still CAN help. Is doesn’t matter how much you do, as long as you’re doing something. The main part of the exercise is committing to making a difference in the time we have left of 2012.

Think of the talents you have. Do you like to sew? Offer your services to a rescue club to make some ‘Adopt Me’ jackets for their dogs. Are you a whiz in the laundry? Take home a bag of washing from your local shelter. Do you bake? Why not hold a bakesale in support of your favourite animal charity. Do you spend waaay too much time on Facebook? Start sharing those rescue animal photos! The opportunities are endless.

Here are my goals for The 13 Project…

1. Go through all of my old towels, bedding and sheets & donate what I don’t use to my local shelter.
2. Attend the Oscar’s Law Rally against puppy farming.
3. Share and repost a rescue dog’s profile on Facebook until I know they find a loving fur-ever home.
4. Go through Soda’s toys and donate the ones she doesn’t use anymore to my local rescue centre.
5. Buy this calendar knowing that all profits go towards helping dogs in need.
6. Send a letter to my local representative asking them to ban the sale of animals in pet shops.
7. De-clutter my closet and sell the clothes that I no longer wear on eBay. Donate those profits to the RSPCA.
8. Organise a group of friends to spend an afternoon walking dogs or cleaning at our local shelter.
9. Purchase a collar in the WSPA’s Collars Not Cruelty campaign.
10. Join POOPs – the program that assists elderly pet owners with basic and emergency pet care.
11. Sign this petition to help  save greyhounds from a cruel export trade.
12. Pin Pro-Adoption & Pro-Rescue posters and images on Pinterest to encourage others to think of adopting.
13. Share and promote The 13 Project to inspire others!

Need Inspiration? Here are some more ideas to get your own list started…

  • Considering getting a pet? Know anyone thinking getting a pet? Adopt!
  • Open up your home and become a foster carer.
  • Volunteer to take photographs of dogs at your local shelter. A good photo can save a dog’s life.
  • Set up a charity box at your workplace, or have an impromptu morning tea to raise funds for your favourite charity.
  • Instead of Christmas cards, make a donation to your local shelter in your friends and colleague’s names.
  • Join a fun run or marathon and pledge your sponsorship to a worthy animal cause.
  • Donate pet food to registered pet food charity drives.
  • Write a piece for a local paper or blog about animal welfare – you can talk about puppy mills, current welfare issues or how much joy a rescue dog can bring to your life.
  • Craft collars, dog bowls and bandanas for rescues groups to help gain attention. Lots of inspiration for this one here.
  • Find a rescue group you click with and share their animal profiles on Facebook, helping find them a home.
  • Offer your services transporting shelter pets to and from where they need to go.
  • Sign up for a monthly donation with your favourite animal charity.
  • Educate your friends and family about the importance of adoption and desexing.
  • Pin your favourite rescue dog photos to Pinterest to inspire others.

So…Why not join me?

If you have a blog or website please feel free to use the graphic above to post with your list (remember it can be anywhere between 1-13 goals you want to achieve) and add your LINK below. Please fill in the box where it says NAME like this: BLOG NAME: Post title i.e. PRETTY FLUFFY: The 13 Project – Join Me! If you don’t have a blog, please leave a comment with your list of goals – we’ll have updates before the year is out to see how everyone is going. I’ll be keeping up with everyone’s progress on our Facebook page and we can all play along using the Twitter hashtag #The13Project.

No matter how much or how little you can do, we’ll be here to cheer each other on!

Remember, the smallest effort you make, makes the biggest difference to the lives of these animals.

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