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5 of the Best: Cruelty Free Self Tanners

September 8th, 2015 |
  • 5 of the Best: Cruelty Free Self Tanners | Pretty Fluffy
  • 5 of the Best: Cruelty Free Self Tanners | Pretty Fluffy
Copy: Serena Faber Nelson

Want to get that ‘back from the Bahamas’ glow without having to leave the comfort of your own home? (And hurt no bunnies or beagles in the process?)

We’ve found 5 of the best cruelty free self tanners – all guaranteed to give gorgeous, bronzed coverage with no streaks or oompa loompa orange in sight!


Eco Tan
100% Vegan and Not Tested on Animals, the Eco Tan tanning range is also organic. Their gorgeous tan formulas are made from natural Cacao, herbs, flower extract, fruit extract and chamomile meaning your tan finish has no green or orange undertones.


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St Tropez
The darling of the tanning world, St Tropez certainly lives up to it’s name with a full tanning range for the body and face. Their tanning mousse is a cult fave of beauty writers, and their formula brings the most natural glow to the most palest of skins.

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Prtty Peashun
No that’s not a typo. Prtty Peashun’s Skin Tight Body Lotion contains light reflective particles that add colour and blur imperfections in the skin. With Gwyneth Paltrow as a fan of this all vegan, cruelty free lotion, it’s the perfect tan when you don’t have time for a tan.


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With a full range of professional spray tan solutions, rapid self tanners (they even have a 1 hour tan!) and gradual tanners, the 100% cruelty free range at PureTAN guarantees there is a tan for everyone. Enriched with moisturisers, these tans give a streak free, glowing finish with no rough and dry patches appearing as the tan fades.


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Loving Tan
Don’t let the pretty pink packaging fool you – this tan packs a punch! All vegan, the Loving Tan formula gives instant colour with an inbuilt bronzer while the remaining ingredients develop a deeper, long lasting tan. Their 2 hour express mousse also also a favourite – guaranteeing a quick tan that washes off before bedtime saving your sheets!


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What are your fave cruelty free self tanner picks?

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