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Holiday Gift: DIY Treat Jar

December 18th, 2012 |
Copy: Sarah Dickerson
Photography: Sarah Dickerson | Chic Sprinkles

Everyone loves homemade gifts, and the holidays are a perfect time to make something special for your friends and family. Sometimes there’s so much on our to-do list that we are left with little time for those special gifts, but have no fear! Here is quick and easy DIY (filled with love) for the dog owners and dogs in your life.

These gorgeous treat jars are sure to make your friends smile, especially if they are filled with healthy and natural homemade treats for their best pals. First things first, select a simple and healthy dog treat recipe (our new ‘52 Weeks of Treats‘ eBook being a perfect resource!) and whip up a batch. I chose the yummy ‘Pumpkin & Chia Biscuits’. These made our apartment smell divine, by the way! Coco snuck in a few taste testing bites and licked her chops in approval.

Now for the sparkly packaging…

What You’ll Need:

An empty glass jar, washed
Mod Podge
Sponge brush
Gift tag

Handy Hint:

Place newspaper or craft paper on a flat surface during the glittering for easy clean up.


1. Remove the lid from the jar and brush on a coat of Modge Podge along the top and sides of the lid.
2. Begin sprinkling the glitter onto the lid until completely coated. Let dry for 10 minutes.
3. Gently shake and tap the lid over craft paper to remove the loose glitter.
4. To seal the glitter, brush on a very thin layer of Modge Podge over top. Let sit for 10 minutes. The sealer will dry clear.
5. Be sure the jar is clean and free of glitter and then fill with treats. Garnish with a bow and gift tag!

Now how pretty is that? Happy Holidays!


AUTHOR: Sarah is a designer, photographer, health & animal advocate, wife, and devoted mom (i.e. humble servant) to her loving Shih Tzu, Coco Bean. To see more of her work, visit her website and blog, Chic Sprinkles.

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