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Easy DIY Christmas Advent Calendar + FREE Printable!

November 23rd, 2012 |
  • DIY Pet Advent Calendar | Pretty Fluffy
  • DIY Advent Calendar | Pretty Fluffy
  • Dog Advent Calendar HOW-TO | Pretty Fluffy
  • DIY Dog Advent Calendar | Pretty Fluffy
  • DIY Dog Advent Calendar HOW-TO | Pretty Fluffy
  • Advent Calendar for Dogs | Pretty Fluffy
  • DIY Dog Advent Calendar | Pretty Fluffy
Copy: Serena Faber Nelson
Photography: Serena Faber Nelson

Nothing says the start of the holiday season like a Christmas Advent Calendar. There are so many truly beautiful DIY Advent Calendar’s floating around the internet, that I just had to do a DIY Doggie Advent Calendar for the furry members of our family.

With a simple and special activity designated for each day of the countdown, this calendar will have your pup happily enjoying every day of the holiday season. And to make your DIY Advent Calendar, it couldn’t be easier…


Free Printable Pretty Fluffy Advent Calendar. DOWNLOAD HERE
4 x A4 Sheets of card stock
4 x A4 Sheets of Glitter Cardboard (or one big sheet)
3 x Sheets of Tissue Paper
Hole Punch
Ribbon, twine or ornament hooks

** I used Silver & Gold for my DIY Advent Calendar, but choose your cardboard and tissue paper in whatever colours you like!


1. Print your Advent Calendar on card stock and cut each numbered circle out.
2. Glue each circle face side up onto your glitter cardboard. Cut out each circle.
3. Hole punch one hole in each circle near the top.
4. To make Fringing: Take one sheet of tissue paper, fold once lengthwise, then once widthwise and again fold widthwise. Cut your fringing about 1cm apart, leaving about 2 inches near the top uncut. Unfold completely and cut once widthwise. Roll each piece of fringing and twist in the middle then cut in half. Each sheet of tissue paper will make 8 individual pieces of fringing.
NB: This fringing technique was adapted from this tutorial over at Linen, Lace, & Love. For more details and photos visit the full post here.
5. Take your fringing and thread through the hole punched in your advent ‘ornament’. Affix the end with a little glue or double sided tape. Repeat this for all 24.
6. Attach ribbon, twine or an ornament hook to your completed ‘ornaments’ and hang on the Christmas tree!


Starting December 1st, search your tree for the corresponding number and discover the fun activity for the day from ‘Treat Time!’, to ‘A Trip to the Park’ to ’10 Minutes of Cuddles’.

Each activity is quick, easy and a fun exercise for including your furry members of the family in the holiday spirit. Enjoy!



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