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Tell Your Dog You're Pregnant | Pretty Fluffy

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Review: Tell Your Dog You’re Pregnant – An Essential Guide

By Serena Faber Nelson

In our family of 3, it’s very well established that…

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Cupcake Dog Toys by FuzzYard | Pretty Fluffy

Review: Cupcake Dog Toys by FuzzYard

OK, so we all know I love cupcakes, so when…

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Review: The Sleepypod Air

We’re in love, and we want to shout it from…

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Dogtails Natural Dog Shampoo | Pretty Fluffy

Review: Dog Tails Dog Shampoo + Microfiber Pet Tow...

Ever since I started bathing Soda at home, I’ve wanted…

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SilhouPETte Charm Necklaces

I’ve always been a admirer of small charms, trinkets, and…

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Treats a la Bark Dog Biscuits | Pretty Fluffy

Review: Treats A La Bark Dog Biscuits

Hold onto your hats treat lovers! There’s a new kid…

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Handmade Wool Dog Toys Review | Pretty Fluffy

Review: Cuddle & Play Wool Toys from FitDog

What do you look for when toy shopping for your…

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Hey Pup Dog Bed Covers | Pretty Fluffy

Review: Hey Pup Dog Bed Covers

Where does your dog sleep? For me there are so…

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Bye bye pet hair! A full review or the Dyson Groom tool for pets - and a step by step guide on how to use it (even with dogs scared of the vacuum!) | Dyson Groom Review | Pretty Fluffy

Review: The Dyson Groom for Dummies (& Scardey-Cat...

When Dyson contacted me offering a trial of their Dyson…

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Bone & Soul Dog Grooming Range | Pretty Fluffy

Review: Bone & Soul from Big Bone

I have to admit, washing the dog has always been…

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