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Review: RuvBox

By Serena Faber Nelson

Luxury dog goodies delivered straight to your door every month….

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Pet Safety Bag - great for emergencies

Review: Pet Safety Bag

How prepared are you for an emergency? A bush fire?…

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Lush Prints Personalised Pet Stamps | Pretty Fluffy

Review: Lush Prints Personalised Pet Stamps

I’m not writing this to alarm you, but we’re exactly…

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Thundershirt - Reduces Anxiety in Dogs

Review: Thundershirt

Earlier this month, Prince Harry came to visit. He didn’t…

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Essential Dog Aromatherapy Dog Shampoo and Grooming Range | Pretty Fluffy

Review: Essential Dog Aromatherapy Dog Shampoo and...

It’s fair to say that most dogs like baths as…

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Spottybox Dog Suscription Service | Pretty Fluffy

Review: Spottybox

Want hand picked goodies sent straight to your door every…

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Painted Pet Portrait from photo | Pretty Fluffy

Review: Painted Pet Portraits

Looking for something a little different than your usual pet…

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Good Day Dog Collar | Pretty Fluffy

Review: Good Day Dog

A dog’s collar can say a lot about them. So…

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Rose Hip Vital Canine Supplement for Dogs | Pretty Fluffy

Review: Rose-Hip Vital Canine

As our pets become more and more part of our…

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Fetching Photos ebook by Charlotte Reeves | Pretty Fluffy

Review: Fetching Photos eBook by Charlotte Reeves

Photography is about catching moments. Taking snapshots of beauty that…

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