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Squeaker Dog Collars & Leads Review - After testing the Squeaker dog collars and leads with illuminating LED light, I discovered they are one of the BEST ways to keep your dog safe when out and about. |

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Squeaker Dog Collars & Leads Review

By Serena Faber Nelson

When do you walk your dog? Chances are it’s not…

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Essential Dog Grooming Skin Remedies // A complete and natural range of grooming remedies for dogs with allergies and sensitive skin //

Essential Dog Grooming Skin Remedies for Sensitive...

If you’ve ever had a dog with sensitive skin, you’ll…

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Review: Blackmores PAW Gentle Ear Cleaner

Review: Blackmores PAW Gentle Ear Cleaner

As the owner of a dog who loves to get…

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Review: AiKiou Interactive Slow Feeders

Does your dog tend to woof their meals down very…

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Nina Ottosson Dog Toys Review | Pretty Fluffy

Review: Nina Ottosson Dog Toys

Want a toy that keeps your dog occupied and entertained,…

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Whistle Activity Monitor - Fit Bit for Dogs

Review: Whistle Activity Monitor

One of the hardest things about being a dog owner…

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Review: WOOF New York Collar & Lead

Sophisticated, stylish, and practical. Everything you would want in a…

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ThunderLeash Review | No Pull Dog Lead Harness | Pretty Fluffy

Review: ThunderLeash

Does your dog pull on the lead? Does your pup…

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Neato - the robot vacuum cleaner

Review: Neato Pet & Allergy Robot Vacuum

Fluffy dog owners rejoice! There’s now robot vacuum cleaner specifically…

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Review: Custom SilhouPETte Cufflinks

I love holiday shopping for friends and family, and finding…

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