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Adele and Louie | Pretty Fluffy

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Adele & Louie

By Serena Faber Nelson

When I first heard Adele’s cover of the Bob Dylan…

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Reese Witherspoon & Coco Chanel | Pretty Fluffy

Reese Witherspoon & Coco Chanel

If there’s one celebrity that always managed to look classic,…

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Jessica Biel & Tina | Pretty Fluffy

Jessica Biel & Tina

If you’re going to take fitness tips from a celebrity,…

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Ryan Gosling & George | Pretty Fluffy

Ryan Gosling & George

If he didn’t get you with his deep blue eyes…

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Carrie Underwood & Ace | Pretty Fluffy

Carrie Underwood & Ace

Even back in the days when Carrie Underwood was described…

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Jackie O & Molly | Pretty Fluffy

Jackie O & Molly

I’ve been a fan of Jackie O’s style for years….

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Dianna Agron & Johnny | Pretty Fluffy

Dianna Agron & Johnny

I’ll admit it. I’m a GLEE addict. I love the…

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Rachel Bilson & Thurman Murman | Pretty Fluffy

Rachel Bilson & Thurman Murman

One of my favourite young Hollywood style icons is the…

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Kristin Davis Celebrity Pets | Pretty Fluffy

Kristin Davis & Momma and Sam

One of my most favourite storylines from Sex and the…

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Miranda Kerr & Frankie | Pretty Fluffy

Miranda Kerr & Frankie

I grew up a few towns over from where Miranda…

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